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Wednesday 6 June 2012

Madagascar 3 : Europe's Most Wanted Premiere Screening!

Hey guys! I just had to blog this even though I'm lagging behind all my saved drafted blog posts.
Awesome animated Dreamworks movie again! In fact all of Madagascar movie are superbly outstanding! From the beginning when they make you laugh, it's a never ending right up till this 3rd installment of Madagascar 3.

A story of how "Alex the Lion" the star of New York Zoo gone missing but was on a great adventure of his life, meeting up his true family along the way, have a bunch of lunatic-penguins that's always there when there's trouble in & out but in the end, he and his best buds "Marty the Zebra", "Melman the Giraffe" & "Gloria the sexy-hippo" found their true calling and the place where they can call home. I'm not gonna spoil this for you so HEAD TO THE CINEMA now and WATCH IT!!

If this was a YouTube video, I would recommend you to "rape" the replay button! (Just saying...) I can't wait for the Special DVD to be out in stores! Worth buying the original DVD for good keeps! My kids (in da future) would love it!! I know I will... Hehe... ENJOY!!

I met up with Skipper & Private while waiting for the premiere screening at GSC Mid Valley on 5th June 2012. They were sooooo adorable!! I was altering some settings of my Samsung Nexus camera feature when Skipper came right behind me and gave me a nudge!! So cute... He even went and pull Private from a lil' distance to take a photo with me... So cuuuutteee!! Their costume was vibrating too... I think it's for a mini fan system inside?? This is a very sealed up mascot costume and it's gonna be hot inside. But awesome job guys!

Special thanks to ChurpChurp for da tickets! Love ya guys! Miss ya much... XoXo... Sobs.... =)

Ps. I lurve Maurice facial-expression when everyone thought King Julien is "GONE"!! The before & after expression... Funny... ahahhaha!!! Go google the .gif image of his facial expression, lolx!!
I give this movie ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 10s ♥+10s & more Ratings!! Love it! ♥

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