The day our miracle begins! - Sebrinah Yeo


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Sunday 30 March 2014

The day our miracle begins!

Woke up in the morning feeling nauseating since the past 2 weeks.

Thought it was the Phantom preggo PCOS symptoms again.
Lucky we bought Dip n Tell pregnancy kit x2.

Was really reluctant to test out because didn't want to disappoint myself again.
Was thinking of peeing on stick or collecting n dip it. I decided to collect n dip cos I might damage the stick if i pee on it hehe.

I ran to the dining table grabbed the box on guide how to see the results.
It was a huge surprise "POSITIVE"! I ran to the room n woke hubby up and told him I could be pregnant!

I opened another box to test again just to be sure! SAME!! Positive!

OMG! Overwhelmed by the result I insisted to go to clinic again to check! True enough the GP confirmed I was pregnant!

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