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Friday 17 September 2021

PROVITAL Immuna Plus Immunity Calculator

Remember last month, I tried a new adult milk that is to boost immune with key nutrients from the PROVITAL Immuna Plus milk?

My parents have been consuming this since as they are above 40 yrs of age (the recommended age that will benefit the most), that being said, me and my husband sometimes consume this too because we are what we eat and if we can get the best in our food, supplements and even beverages, why pick and choose when you can have them all?

So I did a quick Immunity Calculator scoring for my mom and myself and both of our result came out perfect! A Perfect 10!

Being a very point-to-detail type of person, I always choose wisely for myself and my family. And I always choose things, products or groceries that is worthy of my time and sharing. Most importantly if the difference can be measured then it will have my attention for sure.

So if you haven't tried this milk, you should give it a go!

For more info on PROVITAL Immuna Plus visit:

It is also available at all Watson's Malaysia outlets and it's online stores. If you would like to take proactive steps to care for your health and find out about your immune status, you can check out your immunity score at By answering a series of health-related questions, the tool will be able to gives an indication of the strength of one’s immune health in the past 12 months using a score system.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational and communication purposes only and it should not be construed as personal medical advice, nor for medical diagnosis or treatment. At all times, please ensure you seek the advice of your healthcare professional when you require medical advice and do so immediately in cases where there is an emergency.

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