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Tuesday 14 September 2021

Madammoselle Hair Brush Collection Malaysia

Being a woman who just loves my hair! Actually, let's rewind back a lil. Since young, my mom always ask me to cut "boy cut, boy cut" and it's really annoying really. I never liked short hair, she liked it because it's easier to manage but she never considered what I really like for myself. So anyways, I had my fair share of humiliation when I was short haired and disliked myself and as I was growing into my own personality, I make the decisions for myself. You would also say that my hairstyle do change according to trends. However, lately my hairstyle has been pretty similar because I like the way it is, it is who I am. So I've been having this long luscious, voluminous wavy curl hair that is easily manageable for many years now - especially during the pandemic as we're home all the time.

And thanksfully that I gotten the Madammoselle Brush collection because I was always a comb person. I had 1 comb and it's been awhile since I used it. I was afraid of the tangles that couldn't come undone. 

That's why when I gotten the Madammoselle collection of hair accessories for my daughter and also for me so that we can put them on together, I also grabbed their hair brushes too. At first I was wondering where to locate cute adorable hair accessories for her and also for myself. Because I want to also see the quality as well! Because of that I decided to check out Madammoselle for its full range of hair accessories and they also have them in physical retails and one of them I spotted was at Tesco hypermarket at the clothing sections. I love Madammoselle brand identity because their brand's DNA is to empower female to look and feel their best! Even in the simplest hairstyle like a ponytail can make a whole lot of difference subject to individual style and preferences. Another reason is, they have a huge collection that you would wanna splurge on a variety of choices that can last for long term!

So I splurged on these because they are affordable, of good quality and comfort, most importantly, I can wear it in style with my daughter anytime we want! And my daughter really love to model the beautiful collection as she also loves it on herself as well. Hence the kiss she gave herself in the mirror (hahaha)!!

One day, my daughter will probably have long hair like me or however way she wants to style it to her liking, she will probably need a good hair brush to keep her crowning glory well kept. So my hair brush haul I've gotten are these.

So I did a good research and identified each brushes and its features and the purpose and true enough I put it to the test while on my family staycation holiday last year in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, when the numbers were way lower, we had a quick holiday at Melaka and I definitely brought these along because I wanna look good when I'm out. So enjoy the 3 min video giving a good introduction and demo of these beautiful brushes that accompanied me throughout the day.

I think these will make a perfect gift for all the ladies and lil ladies out there! The best gift for best friends to match and pair with, a lovely collection your girlfriend will adore, the best gift a mother and daughter can down with it today! I heard Madammoselle is now available at most hypermarkets near you, you can also check it out at Tesco Malaysia or Sogo Malaysia too.

More info on Madammoselle here

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