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Wednesday 4 August 2021

Math Ace Family Boardgames

The topic many dread about! Maths! But every child growing up can never avoid this because it will eventually become a part of our life! Mathematics is one of the most important subjects worldwide. However, as a parent myself, I hate this subject alot! I slept through class all the time but when I was little and started learning maths, I only like mathematics when they did additions, subtractions, plus and minus. But anything more extreme than that I am out. 

Well, today my kids have to face their own set of educational challenge. Especially now during the pandemic, things seem gloomy in homeschooling but I feel that it is a good change that we all should adapt. I wouldn't mind this as a new norm, it trains both the parents and the children to learn together. Now we know how challenging teaching children can be!

That's why I always find ways to help my kids learn, in the digital era we have to be creative but not rely too much also on technology. And since we're all stock at home, we need entertainment and edutainment too. That's why today I want to share about my latest purchase the Math Ace Boardgames that truly connects the whole family together!

Suitable from age 8 years onwards, my children who are all below 8, also have fun during playtime. My boys age 5 and 7, kept asking to play the boardgame together, they really love it! They may not know the real answer now because it is pretty advance the maths questions but there are answer behind that they can read and learn and try again to get the right answer next time.

In fact, it is fun because when you tabulate the scores, counting is part of mathematics too! My baby girl will just "shoot" for the answer but sometimes by luck she gets it right as well. I find this a really good initiative by Gregory, who is a father himself and I love how he made this into a fun boardgame that beats technology anytime.

I always wanted to get monopoly or twister and those old school boardgames to play with my kids but really, those are old school and sometimes it takes time to teach my kids how to play it. I don't have the kind of patience for that sometimes. But with this, I don't know why but even I get involved with them too. Maybe because it is something we never had as a child and we are also learning at the same time when we play the math ace boardgames, so it makes it more entertaining, fun and educational too.

In fact these aren't just the only ones, there are also other subjects that actually makes things more fun that I might get them too! Especially Science and English.

I also gotten these cute little Time Table Memory Card pocket friendly for my boys because it's handy enough for them to refer during their studies, doesn't take up much space and they can put into their pocket or pencil case. 

I wished I had these as a kid then I wouldn't have to write them on my hand!! No kidding, my timetable is only until times 6, after that I need alot of brainpower and help! And it's pretty affordable too for 1 set! Worth getting it.

You can order yours at Ace Advance Games online

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This is valid till 31st Aug 2021, inconjunction with Merdeka day!

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