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Thursday 26 September 2019

JOYLEE Intelligent Breast Pump - Ipump Launch

As a new mother of 3 kids where my baby girl just turned 2 months old. I never thought I would have to go back to zero and re-learn again about motherhood. Every child development is different and every parenting method differs by individual child too!

Compared to my first 2 kids, this time around with my baby girl, I had to pump milk out to store for baby's feeding whenever I am not around because I have my business and business partners to lead so I sometimes have to go out and leave baby at home with my parents.

And being an exclusive Breastfeeding mom for the past 5 yrs, I didn't want to stop lactating and would love all my kids to continue enjoying the benefits of breastmilk until they are atleast 2 years and above. My eldest son breastfed until he was 4, my 2nd son until 3 and I would like my baby girl to also breastfeed until she is atleast 3 or 4 years old.

With that, I had to look out for a good breast pump and being at the launch for JOYLEE Ipump breast pump, it was a really cool new gadget that moms like me would surely appreciate.

What I love about the Ipump is the design, it looks really compact and sleek. Something I wouldn't mind carrying along with me on-the-go. And being this compact, one would think that it may not have much features but then again, this beauty actually has a control button that controls the suction accordingly.

There are 27 types of suction from low to maximum. And each pumping session are actually recorded and displayed on the display screen to keep the mom updated. It also has a dual function and it also massages at the same time. Another feature it has is the stop and resume button feature to make it easier to do more work at a time for any entrepreneur multitasking mummy.

It is a packed with a long-term battery with longer battery lifespan making things more convenient for a travelling mom. And the way it is designed, it is also suitable for carrying it out because it is so compact and handy.

I like how it have 9 levels of suction and massage that is a combination of up to 107 types of stimulation and sucking at each level.

It's not too noisy and apart from the space-saving modern design, it is truly easier to breastfeed on one side and pump on the other simultaneously. And it can also pump on both sides very well too.

Another thing I must mention, is that there are lesser accessories involved in the washing. This gives me more time to rest and bond with baby!

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