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Tuesday 10 September 2019

BioGaia ProBiotics for a Healthy Gut

As a mother of 3 kids, I always knew probiotics is an important source of supplement for a healthy gut. But I never really knew how important it was for newborn babies until now!

I've heard of it but never thought I'd ever needed it until I just recently gave birth to my 3rd child, a Princess. However, this princess has been pretty cranky and I suspected she has colic issues because of her high-pitched cries of discomfort and especially at night time. Plus she regurgitate quite often and is very very hard to burp.

So I knew I had to get the BioGaia ProBiotics for her and yes! It is actually okay for newborn baby to take this from birth.

I like how it is really easy to use, just 5 drops and your baby will feel better overtime. 

All it takes is just 5 drops. What it does is, it helps build a healthy gut system for my baby and most importantly, it protects my baby's digestive system from bad bacteria and rids it of bad bacteria while providing good bacteria at the same time.

She seldom gets cranky at night after just 2 days and now she is also learning to "Sleep Through The Night" aka STTN, every parents dream come true! But she is becoming easier to manage now since I started giving her BioGaia ProBiotics. 

Even me as an adult benefit from probiotics, apart from good skin, it also helps when I am having stomach ache or diarrhea or any digestion issues. It even helps in constipation. 

But nothing can compare to knowing that when I consume the BioGaia Probiotic chewable tablets myself, and as a breastfeeding mom, there's also a sense of relieve knowing that there will be good things that will flow through to my baby via my breastmilk too! So win-win! I benefit, baby gets extra benefit too while breastfeeding and we're both on BioGaia Probiotic!

If you'd like to know more in depth on BioGaia, you can follow their page for updates!

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