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Monday 2 September 2019

Lulu Hypermarket Crazy Sales!

Lulu Hypermarket Crazy Sales is not to be missed! Back again with their special bargains to beat! They have had a series of sales that has captured the hearts of shoppers since Merdeka Eve!

On 30th August 2019, Lulu Hypermarket had their one day special of 3% to 70% storewide promotion that varies by categories. I even bought some muffin because it was on 10%! Chocolate kit kat was on 3% and so much more!

Storewide Promotion by Category :
Electrical - 3%
Fish - 3%
Meat - 4%
Bakery - 10%
Fashion - 25%
Shoes - 25%
Handbag - 25%
Perfume - 10%
Grocery - 3%
Fruit/vegetable- 5%
Cold deli / deli - 5%
Dates/nuts - 5%
Clearance item - 70%

And this was just on Merdeka Eve! 

On Merdeka itself, 31st August 2019, Lulu Hypermarket rewarded their shoppers with a whopping 40% off their Fashion category!

The baby dress was just beautiful! I couldn't resist not getting one for my baby girl! Even the shoe was really lovely! Plus it was a 3 days only special!

If you think that's all there is. Well, think again! Continuously from 3rd to 12th September, shoppers at Lulu Hypermarket gets to enjoy RM5, RM10, RM15 & RM20 deals only at Lulu!

With so much of discounts and offers available, it's definitely my next best place to shop for groceries for my family!

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