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Thursday 12 September 2019

BabyKoala Labels for Bottles

As a 3rd time mother, I never thought that I would ever needed to pump and store milk for my baby. However, this 3rd time around, I would have to do that because of my active lifestyle and my lifetime passion as a health consultant that travels to places to change lives.

Therefore, I have to start organising my things and making sure that I have enough breastmilk stored for my baby girl to continue being exclusively breastfed either through direct latch or via the bottle. One of the ways I do that is with the BabyKoala Labels for milk bottles.

I love how the design is made to be reusable, you can rinse and reuse for a new bottle and it is made of silicon so it lasts longer and it's stronger. 

Being a mom isn't easy, because it's not just looking after the baby; Providing the best for baby is also important. And I always want to give my best for them while I can

That's why most moms chose to leave their career to nurture their baby for as long as they can. And breastfeeding is one of the best ways to give them the best that nature has made for us moms for our babies! 

I have been a Breastfeeding mom since 2014 and exclusively allow my firstborn to direct latch-on-demand for 4 years, followed by tandem feeding my secondborn since 2016 for 3 years until today my thirdborn for as long as possible (atleast years or so).

And I am one who doesn't like to wash up but I know eventually I would have to go through this path of pumping and storing milk one day. 

Grateful for BabyKoala bottle labels that help me to identify which milk is the freshest and which should be stored in the freezer in due time and so on. Because my memory is not as good as it used to these days. It'll take time to get my memory back on track after having 3 kids!

If you would like to get these lovely BabyKoala bottle labels then you should totally visit their page for details!

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