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Tuesday 20 August 2019

HoneyHub LifeElixir Tualang Honey with Curcumin

The haze has been horrible lately! I've already came across many of my friends who has been suffering from the haze! This time of the weather is best to stay indoors and keep yourself hydrated because it is just so polluted! Even my baby is not feeling well.

Apart from staying hydrated, it is also good to keep our body nourished and immune boosted with a good dose of Honey. Since I've tasted the HoneyHub Honey with Curcumin, I noticed my immune slightly boosted and it tastes really pure!

I like how it's combination seems really unique. Made with 100% Wild & Raw Honey, its authentic taste truly blends well with the Curcumin.

And this is Tualang honey, a very premium grade honey that has many benefits. And when paired with Curcumin, it makes this honey even more special!

I would say it is the best home remedy of honey to have for the whole family!

Benefits of Curcumin :

Benefits of honey in general :

With that many benefits listed above, this is definitely my go-to remedy on my table within reach, because a spoonful a day will surely keep the doctors away.

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