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Thursday 22 August 2019

Swiss Dream Circus 2019 is back!

I still remember my first time experiencing the Swiss Dream Circus back in 2018 together with my family. It was surely a magical night not to be missed and a wonderful experience that is worth reliving the moments! You can read about it here or watch the video I've recorded down sharing my joy and the most magical moments at this circus!

So fast time flies, and it's already 2019! But so grateful to have them back here again in Malaysia at Desa Park City this coming 30th August till 22nd September 2019! Their fifth world-class show, marking their 5th Anniversary festivities with a brand new production themed "Celebration!".

For the very first time, Swiss Dream Circus will be presenting an amazing high rope act brought to you by the multi-award winning Dneprovtzki family! They recently just performed at the biggest European circus, the world renowned Circus krone in Germany.

Troup Dneprovtzki

And if you think juggling with your hands is a feat worth shouting about; Wait until you see what they've discovered at the International Circus Festival in Budapest;

Stanislav Vysotskyi

A Ukrainian foot juggler, Stanislav Vysotskyi, after 21 years of juggling, he developed his own unique style of foot-tossing-juggling!

Stanislav Vysotskyi

Then prepare to be blown away by their Swiss Trapeze artist, Janine Eggenberger, whose heart beats for aerial acrobatics. In Montreal, the capital of the modern circus, the young Swiss was trained by trainers from the Cirque du Soleil.

While you are mesmerized by Janine's air acrobatics shows, as she swings and sways to the magical tunes of our beautiful violinist, Jane Yong, the young Russian lady who made her Swiss Dream Circus debut in 2018 will be back once again to support individual acts with her beautiful voice and will captivate the audience with her violin.

Jane Yong

A special treat for the younger audience will be the LED dancers, Extreme Light team, who are also from Ukraine;
Extreme Light

And not forgetting Clown Victor Rossi, from France who will steal your heart away with his charming antics and clumsy nature.

Victor Rossi

Watch and be amazed as Zac Tomlinson turns a childhood pastime into a world-champion act with his jump-rope performance.
Zac Tomlinson

Get ready to lose your breath as Andrei balances on the wheel of death high up in the air. Andrei is born in the circus and loves taking calculated risks. Not only is he a gifted high wire artist, but he is also a terrific performer on the wheel of death. In this act, he makes daring jumps from as high as nine feet, taking your breath away. He will be here at the Swiss Dream Circus 2019 after completing a stint at a famous state circus in Tiflis, Georgia.

The show wraps up with another thrilling swinging trapeze performance from Veronika, who spent most of her life travelling with her parents in the circus.


Also be amazed with Elena Sanders, who is half American-half Costa Rican, a multidisciplinary circus artist specializing in aerial straps, contortion and hula hoops. At Swiss Dream Circus she will amaze you with her lovely contortion act. Stare in awe as she shoots an arrow into the center of the target with her feet! Famous from the Show of America’s Got Talent.

Elena Sanders

Another amazing news worthy of mentioning is this year, Traveloka Xperience is the Presenting Sponsor and Official Ticketing Partner for Swiss Dream Circus 2019 in Malaysia. Through this partnership, Swiss Dream Circus will be showcased on Traveloka's platform as a discovery platform as this circus is truly a wonderful experience worth enjoying and creating special magical memories and moments with your loved ones. There are 5 categories of tickets being released with the lowest priced from RM 49. The tickets will be available online Exclusively only at Traveloka’s website or through their apps available at Google Play and Apps Store.

Marco Baumgartner & Ismail Stork
So you don't have to worry about lining up to get your tickets when you can get them from your comfort zone on Traveloka! Get your tickets now and let yourself be carried away to the magical world of the circus.

Swiss Dream Circus

Enjoy the spectacular performances from 
30th Aug - 22nd Sept 2019

Book your tickets now from 5th Aug - 22nd Sept 2019

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