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Thursday 22 August 2019

Safi Expert Solution For Stubborn Skin Solution

It's been years since I've been battling against my own stubborn skin that comes and go's like the wind! I have tested many products as well from local to international and whatnots. But have yet to find any that is mention-worthy until now!

Then one day I came across the Safi Expert Solution for Anti Hyper Pigmentation skincare set at Guardian and decided to give it a chance! It was a good decision made then and there because for one, it is a local reputable brand that promises and delivers what it does!

Secondly, I love how the steps are so easy for someone as lazy as me. And thirdly, I like how it is packaged exclusively like a premium product in gold and black. So I did a quick video of how to use the products by its step-by-step easy to understand guide. And I must share this, before even using it; Upon unboxing the product, I can already smell the fragrant scent emitting from the product itself. And I LOVE IT! I am very sensitive to products with scents because it can get too overwhelming sometimes and choke me. But this scent is really welcoming and just naturally fragrant that I don't mind having it on my skin the whole day!

The Intensive Ampoules of steps 1-Renewal Hydra Complex & 2-Supreme Anti-Spots Complex, really packs a good remedy to target pigmentation in 2 weeks! Applying it is so easy! Just use twice daily, day & night of cleaning your face. It is a 1 month treatment regime that is recommended to be repeated every alternate months to prevent formation of the dark spots.

The Eye Therapy Serum for Anti Dark Circles, helps to reduce visible dark circles that is on our eye bags. When dark circles are reduced, our eye bags will also look smaller not so prominent. Incase you didn't know, it actually comes with the ceramic cooling applicator for easier application.

The Bio Skin Moisturizer that is of Anti Photo Ageing Lines cream is really lightweight and I know I will use it under my makeup as a base too! This moisturizer can filter more than 90% of UV rays, free radicals & pollutants.

With presence of the Mandelic Acid of 5% ratio; Safi Expert Solution known with the excellence in Research and Innovation, promises through clinically proving how this product will be able to lighten dark spots in just 2 weeks! That's why I always tell my friends, you will never choose the wrong product if you truly know the product by its origin! Safi is one brand that is trustworthy and reliable!

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