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Tuesday 30 December 2014

My Normal Birthing Story

I gave birth to my 1st son on 11th Nov 2014. It was a very raw, new & exciting experience as a first time mom. I went for 2 antenatal seminars thinking I was prepared. I even read stories from other moms on FB and google up all sorts of information just to be prepared when my 1st child arrives into our lives!

It was exciting and fun at the same time. I wanted to go for HypnoBirthing classes however, timing wasn't right so I went on YouTube and practices "J" breathing on my own. However, please don't follow me. The method is totally wrong!! (Read my 2nd birthing with proper HypnoBirthing method applied). Because I wasn't properly prepared for birthing and I opted for normal birth, my birth plan was quite simple, normal birth + immediate skin-to-skin + fully breastfeed + delayed cord clamping (up to 2min).

On the day of my 1st beautiful son grand arrival, I remembered I cooked dinner, after dinner I felt like something engaging below, I knew if I ignored it, I won't be able to sleep that night. So I didn't think any further and went with my gut instinct and took a nice warm bath, check my hospital bag and then went to the hospital with my hubby.

I was admitted at 11pm on 10th Nov 2014, contractions weren't frequent, was still 3cm dilated. Was admitted because nurses couldn't get my blood pressure. They said my BP was quite high when they kept trying. But on my record book, it has been perfect all these while. So without risking anything they admit me in to be safe.

I was dilated at 3cm since full term (wk37) and had streaks of bloody show for the whole week. Frequent contractions (5-1-1) and water bag bursting was the only 2 signs I had to look for. Which didn't come lolx...

So there I was in the hospital awaiting... 11pm till 3am I could not sleep, was inserted a medicine at my butthole to send me to the toilet to shit (it was like a quick detox hehe)

Almost 4am, my gynae came and check, then she did a "membrane rupture", so as I was walking to the labor ward the water bag kept trickling cos already ruptured by gynae to kick-start labor.

Throughout the whole process in the labor room, my gynae told me epidural is on standby incase I need it. The nurse/midwife on duty was constantly reminding me there is pain killer and epidural and also to use the mask and also tell me if I feel like I wanna poo then I need to "push"... Then she even gave me a crash course to push without screaming. I should keep my mouth closed and then push with strength........

I was gripping unto the bar handles with my legs up in the air supported and me in slanted lying position and every contraction was more intense as the previous. My husband couldn't do anything, he just sat there next to me and waited. I didn't want anyone talking nor touching me.

The gas mask made things worst! Because the nurse thought I had difficulties, plus my arms were strapped to take my blood pressure during labour and also my left hands had the IV needle in place on standby which I gripped to hard against the bar handle of the bed and the needle moved, so the nurse had to poke my veins again! 3 times it happened! I kept asking for water which the nurse refused to budge at first until my hubby got it for me, as I was drinking the water the nurse said don't so much, later I vomit... (I had the urge to smack the nurse there and then...)

Then my gynae said since it was my first it could be long, cos dilation takes 1hr = 1cm and I was only at 4cm at 4am. Then the nurse asked if I wanted pain killer, I succumbed to this and asked how will it be given. She said just a normal injection above the hips only, not epidural needle FYI... So I took the jab. The irony is immediately after the jab, I felt the urge to push really really bad!

I was breathless after 3 x taking deep breaths and pushing with strength. So my gynae asked if we can use the vacuum and also snip to assist. As first time parents who knew practically nothing much of these, we definitely agreed to whatever means necessary that the gynae may suggest if help is needed. We didn't question further. Hence, I had an episiotomy and also a tear on the inner left side and my baby was vacuumed out.

This was my ordeal from 4am to 5am birthing my 1st son on 11th Nov 2014. Immediately baby came out, he was placed on my chest skin-to-skin bonding. Also the first latch took place. During then the pain killer took effect as I couldn't feel the placenta coming out neither could I feel my gynae stitching me up as I was chatting away asking gynae questions and also asking my husband to go see how is baby and the check up by the paed on g6pd and everything else. My gynae said she never had any patient like me that can still chat right after birth.

When I was done, I walked back to my room. My gynae did a great job stitching me back up! Also, I guess from then on I realised my tolerance in pain might be better than I expected. In fact, I still don't understand what "bone-breaking" pain giving birth is related to... It's just like a really really really bad constipation and you just gotta get it out! Also with the intense sensation going on, whatever "pain" also numb itself automatically already. That's how I felt for my 1st birthing experience.

When I think back, the most memorable moment is when my baby bonding moments immediate skin-to-skin, totally eradicate and eliminate all intense sensations felt during labor!

Love is a very powerful tool!

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