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Thursday 11 December 2014

Baby Daniel Fullmoon Dinner (IPO @ One City)

11th Dec 2014, Baby Daniel's Fullmoon Dinner with family members and the end of my confinement!

After doing my research online, I decided for baby Daniel's first outing; I wanted a cosy clean environment and preferably with easy access. We decided for I.Prefer.Original (I.P.O) Malaysian Food @ One City. 
The entrance is simple, cosy and inviting.

This was behind the cashier. Artsy wall deco stickers.

The kitchen which u can peep through inside. U can see the 3 chefs inside preparing the meals.

The wallpaper at the dining area is of lush soft green, gives a very comfortable cool feeling.

Their menu. That coffee looks real from this angle hehe...

From left - Has lemongrass, lime, soda and mint in it and the one on the right has strawberry, soda, lime and grape.
Yummy drinks to quench our thirst!

Otak-Otak, we loved it! As good as the Otak-otak from Muar, JB. But it was no longer available on the menu. 
(We ordered this here way back in Oct 2014)

Because we came here before, we decided to bring our family members here. Nasi Lemak & Char Koay Teow under one roof, what more can we ask for.

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