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Sunday 28 December 2014

Sebrinah's Simple Stir Fry Veggies

Having a quick homecooked meal is sometimes the hardest. This is especially true for most housewives whether they are FTWM(Full time Working Moms), WAHM (Work At Home Moms) or SAHM (Stay At Home Moms). Even for daddies too.

Let me share my simple recipe with you. Most of the ingredients can be found in Giant or Mydin.

Stir Fry Kai Lan with Beef

1. Garlic Cloves x 4
2. Eggs x 2
3. Black pepper
4. Beef meat
5. Choy Sum or Kailan (I love Japanese Choy Sum @ Jaya Grocer, very crunchy)
6. Oil
7. Fish sauce

1. Beat 2x eggs in a bowl and add black pepper. Mix them up well.
2. Cut up beef/salmon in bite size cubes. Pour the egg mixture unto the beef/salmon to marinate for min 30 minutes (The longer the better)
3. Wash the choy sum/kailan
4. Prepare crushed garlic cloves and put aside. You can also prepare crushed small red onions together for fragrance.
5. Pour oil and heat in low flame, add the crushed garlic cloves/red onions
6. Stir fry them till some of them start turning gold brown and push them to the side of the wok (where there's no oil)
7. Add abit more oil if not enough, pour the beef/salmon together with the egg and stir fry till cooked. (There will be blood oozing out of the beef, stir fry till no more blood ooze out. For salmon, stir fry till you can smell the salmon fish aroma. Pls also watch the color so that it don't get burnt. Keep stirring)
8. Put aside and (optional) add abit oil or straight put the veggie in to stir fry them till it's not dry. Mix them with the crushed garlic/red onions and the beef/salmon. Keep stirring and add fish sauce for flavoring (pls don't overdo it because fish sauce is more salty than light soya sauce and salt) keep testing if not confident. If too dry, add half cup water and stir fry. Once the veggie stems turn light green and the leafs turn dark green. U can test a piece to see if the salty flavor is just nice.
9. Served them while it's hot.

Tips : Don't need to take a cover and cover the veggie in the wok or to boil it before stir frying. If you overcook the veggie till its soft and soggy (not crunchy anymore) it won't taste as good as it should. Also, overcooked veggie loses all it's nutrients. Even when washing them, while soaking them in water before cooking is good to clean the pesticide but the nutrients are also being soaked away in the process. 


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