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Sunday 14 December 2014

Baby Daniel Fullmoon Luncheon (Kalamazoo@Aman Suria)

30 days came and gone.
The milestone that I've been anticipating.
The end of my confinement and my baby Daniel fullmoon celebration.

My very own DIY E-Invitation (via WhatsApp)

My very own DIY E-Invitation Map to the venue

I decided to DIY the goodie bags just need hubby to help purchase all the necessary stuffs
(Sweet condiments, cheezels party pack all from Jalan Pudu (from those wholesale shoplot) and goodie bag from Daiso)

Prepared to head out to the venue! (PIC NO FILTER!)

Lovely setup from Kalamazoo!

Beautiful deco from Kalamazoo. Thanks to Tisha for being able to provide such wonderful decos in such short timing (confirmed venue 2wks and deco and menu in a wk). Also this baby onesie and colours coordination was based on my request (just trying luck). Am glad they are able to have this deco hehe, fits the event perfectly!

The buffet spread (not really, still charges per pax). But it was the best package amongst all the others I've compared with and the menu I customized on my own (ownself mix and match). There's also pre-selected menu but I chose to custom it. Btw, it is non-halal and this place is pet-friendly (brought my lil Panda Bi here during the event hehe)

Cream of Broccoli - My guests love it. Heck! I love it too!! Lucky got leftover, brought home and heated up for dinner 1 huge bowl, so so yummy! 

Breakfast sausage - Love the setting, the grilled outlook and who can resist sausage!! I told myself I must have sausages right after confinement, and here you go!

Mushroom Bolognese Spaghetti - Need I say more? Everyone love it, not too sweet, not too sour. The sauce is just perfect, the spaghetti (although common) but chewy and springy enough.

Beef Meatballs - Yes, I miss Ikea Beef Meatballs and this is close enough! I have to say this seems like it's made from scratch, fragrant enough and tasty till the last bite!

Pork Meatloaf - I miss the chicken meatloaf I used to eat at Logenhaus @ Taipan. That's the reason for this food choice. I was anticipating this the most! And I highly recommend this, totally made from scratch, you can taste the goodness in every bite! Can eat this with or without the brown gravy, it just tastes great!! I'll be back here for more pork delicacies!

Pesto Cheesy Chicken - I decided to take the risk and go for this! Never tried pesto with cheese and chicken combination. The others on the menu was kinda common for cooking with chicken. I wanted something different, something nobody has eaten or ordered outside anywhere. And I miss cheese... This came out perfect! Didn't expect this to taste so good that it almost melt in your mouth!

Ice Lemon Tea & Drinking Water - This was kinda common, but tasty nonetheless. I miss cold drinks and I miss ICE LEMON TEA!! I wanted to pick Peach Tea but I decided not to because I don't think everyone has a thing for Peach like me. Anyway, I had my fair share of Ice Peach Tea here the day before when we came to check out this place for the final arrangements (it was awesome-powsome!!)

Overall, I decided I wanted more meat for my guests (and ME!) so my custom menu is made of Beef, Pork & Chicken. Ha-ha! And my menu choices is based on what I wanted to try (crave for after confinement!!!). They say, when you're hungry, anything tastes good! I say, whether or not I'm hungry or craving for certain food types, my selection of food never failed me nor my hubby once!

Highly recommend this place! My first time here too and will not be my last, I'll be back to try those succulent pork burger... (mouthwatering now...)
Ended the day with opening the presents from our lovely friends & families for baby Daniel. Must capture the moment so that I can tell him his precious moments and stories when he grows up hehe...

Our happy lil joy after a long day at his fullmoon party. Daddy also looking tired hehe...

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