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Wednesday 27 April 2016

EasyStore kickstarts my online business with ease!

EasyStore has been an eye-opener for me. As a newbie into this "Entrepreneur" business, I am always on the lookout for places where I can market my products better to reach the mass audiences with ease. However, most online store platform out there comes with a price to pay yearly and some monthly but the payment gateway, shopping cart and checkout and other additional features must add-on with a surcharge! It's never ever "Complete" in a package... Not until EasyStore!

Having been giving this opportunity to test the "beta" version of EasyStore and how it works to create my very own e-store. Their easy-to-use platform is really straightforward, simple and has the sufficient tools required for any sellers to quick start their business in less than a day! (I did it on mobile btw!)

It's relatively easy to use and right at the start it comes with a set of step-by-step guide to get your store up and ready before you know it!

Took me less than a minute to get myself signed up!

Took only 1 min max to get my store ready!

I love how the step-by-step at start-up was so easy, to get my store ready and equipped with my products to sell.

However, I wanted to get the feel of experiencing it on the web too. So I decided to also explore this on my PC. And I was not disappointed!

Upon login, the first thing that came up was the "Dashboard", has a brief report on the visitors I've had, orders, customers and products listed. Even the menu on the left hand sidebar is really simple to understand and use.

Here's where I am able to view my "Products" I can manage them (add/edit/remove).

I can even place them in respective "Collective Management" like categorize them (ie. Baby, Kids, Educational, Beauty, Natural, Organic and etc)

Adding/Editing the products is relatively easy! Step-by-step "fuss-free"! Trust me! I've been using other local online 3rd party websites to sell my stuffs and I had to "download & read" their guide on how to add a product unto the page... This was EASY!!

Btw, I like that you can even "Add Youtube" to the products as some products may need a video to illustrate how it functions!

There's also an option to "Track Inventory", "Enable Variants" & "Taxable Product". So you can choose which to apply to your selected product.

What's the most important for all sellers online is SEO! Not many are aware how crucial this part is. Having SEO can actually help generate traffic from the web to your page, to your product. You can google about "SEO". I love how EasyStore provides this and editable for each product type.

Once you're done with the "Products" menu, you can head to "Content", over here you can manage the "Menu" on your online store, you can add, edit or remove pages (ie. Shipping Info, FAQ, Warranty and etc)

Apart from that, they also have a separate list of "Customers" that has registered with your online store, "Orders" that you can manage, "Discounts" that you can add to your store/products, "Report" of your online store progress.

"Themes" to customize for your online store is also available and very easy to use.

You can customize your online store from the Header, Fonts, Links, Colours, Top Bar, Sliders, Navigation, Layout, Buttons and so much more in each option available. Totally customizable to suit your store's own persons. And you can also view preview examples of how your store will look like on a web, tablet or mobile phone on the bottom left.

"Apps" is one option I must highlight here! This is very important for all online sellers, how to market your products and share them out from the online store. With these apps, you can actually browse these readily available apps and install them into your online store. So customers can easily just share your selling products on their Facebook to their friends and family. You can even share them on your own easily to your circle of friends & family to create the hype!

Once you're done, you can head to the Settings to actually manage all the other information that you may need to edit, like payment methods, shipping details, currency available, taxes and etc.

Did we mention that their "Customer Service" is super fast at responding to our enquiries! You can just chat with them and see who's online at the point of time! They respond really quick too!

And with that I can totally agree to this that EasyStore definitely provides online sellers the right features to kickstart our business! It's ease of usage makes us save more time and time well spent! Every minute is worth something and with EasyStore every business owners (New/Existing) can finally have an ease of access to get their business running in a jiffy!

Everything under one roof, hassle-free! (That includes the shopping cart, checkout system & a payment gateway integration!!) You can even integrate your Facebook Store with EasyStore!

You can sign up with them on a monthly package. (You got that right!) Monthly package which makes things flexible for your business and also if you're on a budget, it's more cost efficient this way than to pay a"lump sum" for start-up Entrepreneurs like me on low capital.


You can also sign-up for the free 7-days trial, to believe how easy it it to use EasyStore for your business!

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