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Monday 22 June 2015

TGV 1U Family-Friendly Minion Special

TGV Family-Friendly Minion Special Sessions @ 1 Utama is the place to be for family with babies/kids! To be honest, this is my first time in the past 1 year I've been to a movie theatre since I was in my 2nd trimester right up till today where my son is now 7mo.

When TGV first announced this new Family-Friendly promotion at 1U, I was anticipating to experience it with my family 1 day and today was the day hehe. I basically was waiting for "Minions" to be screened at this hall in particular. Then stumbling upon a post on Facebook and saw this Minion Special Screening, I immediately spoke to my hubby (who was at work then) and purchased the tickets online hehe ^^

They had this special session only for 2 days (20th & 21st June 2015) coincidently I decided to get tickets on the 21st June 2015 where it is also Father's Day! So it was my treat for my hubby to the movies after a very long 1 year haul~LOLx!

Upon arriving, we spotted promotions of this near the counters. It was a very long Q but I admit, it is my first time at a cinema where there were SOOOO many kids & babies! Practically familes were all in Q. Usually u would see couples or young adults and a minority of them with kids usually aged 4yrs plus. This time this cinema is different. Oh, where there are kids, expect the noise from these lovely bunch hehe!

Before the movie started, we headed for the booth to collect our Goodie Pack! Where we were given 2 sets of Minion Colouring paper and Minion sand art. Also inconjunction with Father's Day, we received 2 Amber pass to watch any movie in TGV for free on the next visit (*subject to T&C). Also there was a free instant photo-session with Minion in the background! We love the picture! Because Kevin seems annoyed like we're squashing him lolx! And he's wearing glasses too, like me & my hubby hahaha...

1 whole year, we finally get to indulge in sinful caramel popcorn and Cheesy Seafood Tofu + Cheesy Fish Ball. The cheese wasn't that tasty, the cheese powder that I bought tastes better lolx! Oh, there were TGV mascots there too! My son just kept staring at them. At hall 3, we were the first to arrive because the other parents were Q-ing to get popcorns and most of them were in the event hall where the photo-session is held and there were round kids tables for their kids to do colouring. The baby diaper changing station is just on the right side of the entrance of hall 3. Really convenient!

We took some selfie testing the HDR On mode on my Note 4... Ok-lah not bad... Still dark, still had to filter. Didn't expect much because where photo-taking is concern, there's alot to weigh-in especially lightings coming which direction and etc!

My son slept through half of the movie. I will say it's not pitch-black but the hall was a lil lighted during the movie. The sound effect supposingly should be softer but it still seems a lil loud (btw, we sat at the side rows where the speakers are placed). The hall was fully packed but no screaming or crying kids surprisingly. I tried to breastfeed my son with a nursing shawl but he was so distracted by that huge screen and those yellow minions, he rather watch the movie than drink his milk!

All in all, I give this movie 2 THUMBS up! Really funny! Love the storyline. Love the characters especially my favourite, Bob! He is such an adorable minion! And *Spoiler Alert* he knows "Bahasa Melayu" too.

A few things to note
1. *Spoiler Alert* Where the "TRUMPET" is being blown while the minions where performing/celebrating in the ice cave; the sound was "LOUD" enough to wake my son up. But luckily my son he was shocked at first and opened his eyes suddenly, then he slowly drift back to sleep again.

2. During the "Jurassic World" trailer advertisement, it was so loud that it frightened my son (this remark is for some moms that's been asking if they should bring their kids to watch "Jurassic World" or not? I say nope, it's already stated "P13" on the movie)

3. The next movie screening is "Dino Time" I think this will be better than "Jurassic World" for kids. (Just sharing, u can book online now for next weekend)


  1. wah :( I am so jealous! I love minions too but too bad jb dont have this kind of event :(

  2. I definitely wanna bring my kids watch movie together one day, hope they expand to more cinemas!

  3. wahhh they really have to come out with many marketing strategy to attract ppl to join! =D

  4. Bello....I have watched it and is funny. I also collect all the minion from McD and going to grab from TGV


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