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Friday 12 February 2021

What is Obesity?

 Today I want to talk about something serious here. I'm sure many of you are aware or maybe many of you are unaware that Obesity is the main cause of many health compications! And in South East Asia, Malaysia it the Number 1 with the highest amount of people that is Obese!

No am not talking about how you look or what size you wear. Even skinny people can be obese. So here is why and what is obesity and why the KG on your weighing scale and your BMI does not do justice to your actual healthy weight anymore!

See this photo above? All of these beautiful ladies weight 70kg and each with different BMI, but everyone carries their weight differently. Because of the amount of fat versus muscle that is contained inside your body. As you can see above, these 6 beautiful ladies weighs the same but at different height, age and BMI levels. In fact, different body shape too. Like the 2nd lady for example, her BMI is in normal zone but she is only in her 20s and you can see she has a bulging tummy. So normal BMI doesn't mean you will be skinny and slim fit. It is what's going on inside your body composition. In the next few details below, I will share more why your body composition is important.

These 2 are the main reason why you should throw your conventional weighing scales! If you think weighing 45kg or 50kg means you are skinny, think again. Imagine a glass of wine, a beautiful shaped glass of wine, looks beautiful on the outside right? But inside is 90% fat instead of the good muscles; And when this happens usually this beautiful glass of wine suffers from many unknown health issues even being skinny! We call these people skinny obese. That's why it is important to have a balance of everything in life, every single thing, including your meals!

And the above image explains the many risks we all face based on your body fat percentage %, NOT your body kg! So my friends, it ain't about the size or the kilograms, but what's inside is most important! And mind you, not everyone has the health or stamina to diligently hit the gym or hit the road to exercise! Some are born without a choice! Like me for example, I have thalassemia that causes me mild anemia when I overwork myself. Hence I can't even climb the stairs without feeling worn out or lethargic easily or lose my breath! That explains why I hate sports and climbing stairs my entire life! My stamina burns out easily because I don't have enough blood to begin with due to my genes. Thankfully I do not have such issue anymore. Now is only a matter of discipline and good habits!

So if you think that your weighing scale is being honest to you, think again! That's why after attending courses and training to truly understand this. I knew that there is a better way, a more humane way, without all the nonsense trending fad diets to so-called put your body on some kinda mode to burn fats. I have had friends who does that but then they will gain their weight and rebound double than before, then they will repeat this vicious cycle again! It is like asking for disaster to happen. This is where your health cries for help sooner than later. Because when I put them on the Omron Karada Health Scan and measure their true body composition. Their kg is low alright, but their body fat is still high at high risk and VFA = Visceral fat, the fats surrounding the organs, still at high risk! So if it is suppose to burn fat, how come your body fat % is still high, how come the layers around your organs increased or stagnant and how come when you stop and go back to normal eating, you rebound? AND how come you still have health issues?

My doctor told me before, they moment we lose weight, healthily, our body will reset itself and learn to repair itself. Unfortunately, those I know who goes on those trending diet methods that you can google up online, end up with sudden outbreak of allergy reactions, skin inflammations, health conditions that is just so rare and unexplained. Basically your body system jammed up, gone heywired. It is not according to nature. It does not know how to function and is in a state of shock at what this owner is going to do next with the body. If you really love yourself, don't put yourself through anymore sufferings. Whenever you go in and out on a trending diet fad that is not your lifestyle and it is only temporary, your body goes into a state of shock and starts to secretly create a fat storage instead.

The scary thing about this fat storage is that, it will only get worst if not targeted! And there is no diet out there that targets this. In fact, some say low carb and high fat (especially pork fat) can use fat to burn fat. But doctors already said it will cause higher risk to heart attack, you can't use fat to burn fatty acids and plaques in your blood stream, you will only add more blockages into your blood stream because fat in our body will release fatty acid into the blood stream. So it is not even a solution to go on that diet just to look good, it was created only for those with Epilepsy, so if you're normal then please act normal, you don't have epilepsy right? And my friends who went on this, took their body composition before and after but their body fats increased, sleep apnea gotten worst to the point they had to get the machine to breathe when they sleep and they 3 highs never got better, they lost little weight but they also lose their health one at a time. That is bad. But they are also currently now in recovery mode after many rounds of explaining how I can help them in 90days.

You think the above image is cute? Well, that's the cause of having extra fat into your body to kinda burn fat but your cells actually is starting to inhibit more fat cells than the others. So when this happens, it is like the image below, both figure looks slim but inside more fat than muscle. Means more health problem than the other. And don't misunderstand me, those who goes for workout at the gym may seem healthy but the also reach a bottleneck when their results stagnant. Your body can only go so far, don't overpush it as you may break something. That's why even those going to gyms needs this extra boost to support them. We even have Personal Trainers who embarks the 90days and gotten the result that they could not even achieve if they pushed hard at the gym. It's a fact, not for marketing sake - no time to bullshit to you. You want true story, we've got them! 

What if I say, you can eat a well balance meal, without eliminating or changing anything (eg. LCHF diet and whatnots), you still can cheat but smartly, you will naturally reduce weird or strong cravings (like sugars, instant food, junk foods etc), you will naturally reduce the body inflammation as your body adjusts itself to shape up naturally by building lean muscle through your food. And some of the health issues you are facing might no longer be of concern anymore. In fact, after 3 months of this adjustment to your body, your body will learn to do all these on its own for a long long time and anti-age as well, reverse your body age and keep you younger longer. 3 months is all to be humanly possible. Then here is a solution, just drop me a message if you wanna know more, cos I won't be wasting my time explaining about this here if it doesn't work. The only question is, are you ready to be transformed in 3 months? Wherever you are around the world! 

Drop me an email if you need a proper consultation to chat if you seriously need help : sebrinah.yeo@gmail.com

My own transformation

Ps. The 90days program I'm talking about is not meant to treat, heal or cure any illnesses but it will be one step to making you feel better overall and having a healthier lifestyle in the most humane way possible as everyone has different unique lifestyle, it is also listed in the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR.net) known to medical practitioners and doctors around the world as it has been clinically tested and scientifically proven to improve health without chemical or drugs involved. All ingredients are derived from plant based sources and is also certified HALAL by iFANCA. Also, it's not free but it's cheaper than all your medications and hospital bills or surgical costs! For the price of a one time weight management and overhaul your health once and for all without the concern of eating clean, changing your habits, going to gyms, working out non-stop, long term consumption - none of all these. Just 90days once and for all, settle all these concerns of yours. Afterall, your life is PRICELESS! Why must you put a price tag, on your life? Seriously? Is your smartphone more valuable than your health?

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