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Saturday 9 November 2019

HP Little Makers Challenge

With the school holidays coming up, I had to come up with ways to educate and spend time with my children. Thankfully, I knew of the HP Little Maker Challenge that I took part in before; And it reminded me of the beautiful moments I had with my kids as we enjoyed special bonding moments together on the challenges.

Therefore, a little investment is surely needed to have a colorful fun-filled time. Hence, I gotten the HP Printer Deskjet Ink Advantage 3700 just to print quality prints and activities for my children.

I have been participating in this challenge with my kids because of their wonderful initiative for us parents to have an amazing chance to bond with our little ones! Incase you didn't know, the HP Little Makers Challenge is a platform and contest designed for children to experience immersive learning with the HP Printer Deskjet Ink Advantage 3700. 

This initiative is meant for parents and schools to work with children on the challenges that is designed to reinvent the way children learn through experiences and exploring various ways to help our children shine!

I participated in it with my child and although we didn't win, we actually have already won each another heart. It has helped strengthen our bonding moments together. Not only the love between us is stronger but I was able to really see my son for who he truly is and watch him learn and grow. It is more rewarding than any gift that the world could gift to me.

The challenges were pretty easy to follow because of the simple step by step instructions. It was really educational at the same time for both the parent and child. I never had the chance to do such activity when I was growing up, and even I learned how to be creative through these challenges by HP. 

In total there are 8 weeks of challenges that we can partake in. Then there's a chance to win the winning prize that is really worth value for money! It's a bonus to me because being able to have quality time and fun with your loved ones, is the best prize any parent could ever ask for.

The HP printer really delivers the printing quality too while we were doing the challenge. It has this HP Smart App that you can easily download the HP Little Makers challenge and print it out via this app on your mobile to the printer direct.

After completing all these challenges, the next we will do is our own Dreamboard building. Where me and my kids will talk about our dreams that we would want to achieve in life and Google some images and print them out so that we can put on our dreamboard and frame it up. To remind us that we have dreams and we can achieve it if we want to!

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