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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Malaysia Babywearing - International Babywearing Week with TheAsianParent

Last 2nd Nov at The School, Jaya One; Malaysian Babywearers Official FB community group held an auspicious event to commemorate the International Babywearing Week of the month with vendors, sponsors and Babywearers across Malaysia.

Malaysian Babywearers Official

It was a fun event to look forward to, as there were lots of fun activities and also booths to experience and shop for beautiful variety's of babywearing collections.

There was just so many booths with vendors that comes equipped with their vast knowledge in babywearing. I was super impressed with UnisonCA in particular because of Mummy Charmaine sharp and clear explanation on babywearing a child/baby. 

I have been babywearing for 5 years and it has been just very basic information for me but hearing and learning again how to babywear properly with Mummy Charmaine made a huge difference to ease my babywearing journey.

She even gave a quick demo on the floor with the SSC (Soft-Structured Carrier). To know more about UnisonCA and Mummy Charmaine please visit their official sites :

I was also glad to be associated with (TAP) TheAsianParent Malaysia because it was through their app that I found out about this event. 

There was also a special talk there with a very informative and clear knowledge by Ms. Jchanet, a Certified Technician from Child Passenger Safety Malaysia, a group that is also available to the public on Facebook where you should get all the updates on child safety on the road! 

Even though babywearing is a convenience on-the-go by foot, it is not safe on the vehicle. Hence, a child safety seat is a must as it will be implemented in the law this 2020! To keep yourself updated with proper guidance and support on child safety on the road, especially in a moving vehicle, please join their Facebook community.

Child Passenger Safety Malaysia (CPSM)

As a mom of 3, I feel it even more important to have a community that is ever-ready to help moms whether new or existing moms, because every child is different and everyone faces different situations. So support and guidance with encouragement goes a long way to helping moms like us stay sane all day!

Stay updated with parenting guides, activities and events on 

(TAP) TheAsianParent Malaysia

Their app is available for download for free on Android & iOS.

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