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Friday, 12 July 2019

McDonald's Portuguese Chicken Burger Malaysia

Every time I get hungry, I always treat myself to good food. This time around, I was attracted to the Portuguese Chicken Burger that was newly launched by McDonald's Malaysia as part of their 'Discover the World' campaign.

Inspired by the sights, sounds and flavours of Portugal, it really intrigued me to know how this burger will excite my taste buds! Because it features a juicy fried chicken patty that is dipped in a unique piri-piri sauce served with a bed of mixed vegetables and fresh lettuce. Best of all, it is sandwiched in between its brand new chilli flake bun!

After a long day out, my family decided to have a go at McDonald's Malaysia's Portuguese Chicken Burger that was launched as part of their 'Discover the World' campaign! Ordering was really simple at the self-ordering kiosk. We specifically requested for desserts after having out meal, knowing the fact that the Dinosaur McFlurry was back by popular demand and still available too.

A set of Portuguese Chicken Burger is served with French Fries and a Fanta Grape McFreeze or a regular coke, and it is priced from RM16.99. However, I am a fan of Ribena, so it was hard for me to not order the Ice Blended Ribena. Well, it's still under the grape family (hehehe)!

I love how the packaging looks like, because although it looks simple, it also looks very exciting, like something is waiting for me inside!

The colour of the burger looks super vibrant and fun!

The sauce was almost about to ooze out and it was very fragrant, to be honest. It is hard to explain the burst of flavours in the sauce, but its piri-piri goodness did stand out!

The best part was actually the crispy, super succulent and juicy fried chicken patty that left me wanting for more! 

I loved it! It's was very different from all the other burgers that I have tasted in my life and this was really a one and only. Actually, it is very hard to compare because there's nothing to compare... 
You just gotta try it for yourself!

Of course, we enjoyed their Dinosaur McFlurry and we all went crazy over it.

What's even more exciting is the new Augmented Reality game called Catching Nonando, in which  we would need to catch as many Nonando Chickens as we can in 60 seconds to collect points! We will also be rewarded with discounts on the Portuguese Chicken Burger depending on how many Nonandos we can catch! The best part is there's a leaderboard that will track the top players that will stand a chance to win 50,000 Air Asia BIG Points!

To play the game, you would just need to click on the Facebook link available on McDonald's Malaysia's corporate website or official Facebook page.

For more updates do visit :
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  1. look yummy! till now i havent try this new burger. haha i dont know why everytime i went to mcd want to order something else, end up chicken will be my choice. addicted! hahaha

  2. Dah rasa Portuguese Chicken Burger. Not bad sedapp. Ada taste curry but the Korean one lagi spicy. Tak rasa lagi Dinosaur McFlurry. Kejap lagi nak singgah MCD beli ini. Hehe.

  3. I haven't taste this burger yet. But I got different reviews from my friends. Some said it was good. Some said this burger is not that good. I might want to try this soon

  4. a must try!!! sgt sedap nampak nyer tuh! :)
    last time, rumah saya sgt dekat dgn mcD. 5-10 minutes journey.
    now dah pindah rumah, hu hu hu hu dah tak update dah dgn burger terbaru.
    tq for informing.
    this coming weekend, will suggest this to husband.

  5. baru je lepas rasa portuguese burger ni minggu lepas. rasanya bagi saya boleh tahan. :) mungkin bukan selera saya, tetapi rasanya masih boleh diterima. apa2 pun terima kasih share ya :)

  6. Siapa nak belanja kita makan burger ni hurmmm geram juga tengok macma sedap dan rasa mesti lain daripada burger yang Mcd pernah keluarkan betul tak kita nak cuba juga lah nanti hehehe/...

  7. Ramai dh sis tgok org review burger ni. Nampak macam sedap je. Bolehlah nanti sis cuba

  8. Tak cuba lagi mcdonalds portugis ni..tak tau bila nak opergi..tengok macam sedap je..pedas ok ni bagus kan..ada je burger luar negara dia buat


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