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Thursday 4 July 2019

LuLu Hypermarket Grand Opening at 1Shamelin Mall

Today 1st July is the beginning of the second half for 2019. Also a new beginning for LuLu Hypermarket as they celebrate and launch their 2nd branch in Malaysia and 174th branch in the world; Grand Opening at 1Shamelin Mall, Cheras! LuLu Hypermarket is one of the largest retail operators in the Middle East & North African (MENA) regions.

It was crowded and the parking was full! The whole area surrounding 1Shamelin Mall was jam-packed bumper-to-bumper the whole day! Basically everyone is trying to get into LuLu Hypermarket to grab the best deals during their opening that is happening from now 1st July till 4th July 2019. 

I was lucky that I was able to find a parking spot at the basement. However, after entering the premises I decided to just check out what's available and maneuver my way in the hypermarket at Ground floor through the sea of crowd!

It was definitely something you don't see everyday. Whenever there's a crazy sale going on for half the price people will just grab as much as they can! If my husband was here, I would've grabbed as much as I could too. But I have my limitations as I was pregnant and there were no more trolleys available!!

I love how everything is arranged properly and how well lit it was inside. They have clear sign boards of product types that makes it easier for you to find the items that you want. Even the variety of products available is an abundance! The sprawling 80,000 sqft hypermarket designed with the latest retail space concept and modern technology that has dedicated sections categorised properly for your shopping ease! 

The best part is the store is designed to have an exclusive store-in-store for all "free from" food range that offers an extensive line of Gluten-free, Organic, Sugar free, no additives, no preservatives and other special food from around the world! Even their hot food was a hit! And I really love how fresh their fresh seafood were displayed decoratively and very neatly!

That's not all! At the launch today, I couldn't be more excited to know that they are committed to launching another four (4) more new hypermarkets by end of 2020 in Setia City Mall, Bangi Gateway, Bachang (Malacca) and Johor Bahru. They are even exploring other markets in Malaysia as they are committed to creating 5,000 job opportunity for Malaysians. They currently employs over 300 Malaysians in their two (2) hypermarkets. But the crowd today surely exceeded the amount of staffs on floor, I mean just look at the crazy offers available at almost 50% off and all these happy shoppers grabbing them home for their household.

The one thing that really stood out when I entered the hypermarket was the dedicated SME display area that was specially designed to support local small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses to Gulf countries. 

A really good initiative to really help these local SME businesses have a chance as well in the industry and there's already more than 100 local companies associated with LuLu Hypermarket. There were sampling booths setup that we can sample and eventually make our purchase as well at LuLu Hypermarket!

As one of the top 50 fastest growing retailers globally, it is no wonder that the crowd today came earlier than the opening hours and queued at the entrance to grab their groceries and the special offers on ground! There was practically no trolley left available when I was there. And I heard the queue to payment took atleast more than 1 hour plus, every payment counter has a crazy loooooong queue! And mind you, there's 2 exit here with more than 10 over counters (maybe more) each and all fully queued until the center of the shopping floor!

So do drop by to grab these crazy offers from 1st to 4th July 2019! I am considering to head back again to try my luck! Will update here on my loots from LuLu Hypermarket! Stay tuned!

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