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Friday 15 March 2019

Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls @ Subang Parade

 It is truly a nice experience to be here to taste the first multicultural restaurant in Malaysia that offers dim sum and Thai delights under one roof! Am sure you will be wondering if this dim sum is halal or not?! But rest assured it is pork-free and as a Malaysian who loves my food bursting with flavours of asian fusion mix; It is definitely a joy to experience the best of both world here at Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls in Subang Parade.

The authentic handcrafted dishes prepared by Sifu Lee an his team includes a variety of steaming hot & fried variety of dim sum platters.

We were served with a refreshing Lemongrass drink that is thirst-quenching and cooling too.

These are the Steamed Dim Sum variety; Traditional homemade "Lo Mai Kai" sticky rice, Spicy chicken's feet, Siew mai dumplings, Minced meat dumplings with green chives and "Har Gow" dumplings.

Then there's the Chee Cheong Fun with honey BBQ chicken together with the deep fried variety of crispy mashed taro pie, "Woh tip" with shredded ginger and vinegar, Fried radish cake "DODO" style (this was bursting with flavours! Highly recommend this!) and also the Charcoal custard buns with salted egg.

For dim sum variety, it comes served with their sweet sauce and chilli sauce for dippings, exactly as how we asians love eating our dim sums!

If you're craving for Thai, Chef Khun Ben prepares a good array of Thai delicacies in a bowl that will suit your tastebuds as you can customize the flavours to make it spicier to your liking!

For their Thai flavours, we ordered their Thai Boat Noodles that is of small portions of the Nam Tok (rich dark beef broth), Tom Yum (Hot & sour broth), Khao Soi (spicy coconut curry broth) and Nam Sai (intense chicken broth). The unique part of this authentic Thai cuisine is, you can pair these boat noodles with some fried chicken skin or fried wan tan skin.

Their Thai Classics such as the Khao Klukh Krapi (fried rice with shrimp paste that is full of flavours, very tasty and also the crispy fried Som Tam to dip into their sweet & spicy sauce. Also their Gai Pad Prik Pao that is chicken wings stir fried with garlic, chilli and basil and served with sticky rice.

If your Thai food is not spicy enough or you want more garlic or even just to spice it up a notch with a twist of sauces, there's also 4 types of sauces (diced red chilli, red chilli oil, chilli flakes in chilli oil and fried garlic oil) you can add into your Thai dishes to suit your unique flavour.

For desserts, we enjoyed their freshly made Crispy Shanghai Pancake with lotus paste and Mango with sticky rice.

At Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls, they aim to ensure that customer satisfaction in the quality of their meals, is complemented by memorable moments that offers double the fun with both authentic cuisines in a single outlet by Ri-Yaz Global Food Brands Sdn Bhd. 

It's interior decor in Subang Parade that has just newly opened recently, was really modern, bright, cheerful, stylish and colorful at the same time. A really warm and cosy place to dine with family and friends.

It was really fulfilling and nice dinner here because the portion size were quite generous! And being in Subang Parade, we were also just in time to watch Captain Marvel in MBO Cinemas and we booked ahead of time for our tickets. We even got to watch Dodo Dim Sum & Bowl very first advertisement on screen in the cinemas just before the movie starts!

Will definitely be back again for sure!

You can also check out Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls and follow them on their social media channels because there are fun contests, events , activities and updates that loyal customers can also enjoy special offers as part of Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls community!

Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored nor paid post. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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