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Sunday 17 March 2019

Anggun Chef @ MITEC, KL

If you're a food lover like me, always searching for the best delicious food in town, then join me today as I share with you this newfound rare find gem inside MITEC, KL, Anggun Chef !

It's name is uniquely Malaysian and being a Malaysian myself, the word "Anggun" in bahasa melayu translates as "Elegance". A cosy cafe located right in between the Main lobby and South Entrance, situated just infront before Hall 4 entrance in MITEC building itself; has a really cool and chic menu that has a variety of food and beverages for your choosing.

Anggun Chef began in 2012 as a semi fine-dining cafe in Plaza Damas 3 and after 2 years, they ventured into expanding their business with their products and just last year 2018, Anggun Chef entered MITEC, KL during the SEA Games season and there were actually located outdoors instead. In a short 2 to 3 months after several International events held in MITEC KL, they were relocated to be situated permanently inside MITEC. This was also because they had their own unique roasted coffee beans and their local homemade fusion flavours that truly represents our Asian flavours to the wide array of customers during various International events held in MITEC, KL. 

Anggung Chef consists of a variety of product such as the ready-to-eat sauces, there's also Teh Tarik & Honey Lemon Tea in sachets where you can buy back home and DIY or gift as a souvenir; 

Including their Anggun Chef cafe that also offers catering and barista services.

The Chicken Parmigiana (RM15) that is chicken chop coated with tomato paste and cheese served with fries.

Deep fried Chicken Chop & Black Pepper Sauce (RM16) that is crispy on the outside and juicy fresh on the inside. The meat is properly tenderize and marinated.

Nasi minyak is really fragrant and the curry isn't too spicy at all, it's tasty when eaten with the rice together and it tastes freshly cooked. Their rice goes by the days, so each day they have a different serving for their rice meals on the menu. Today was Friday so the Nasi Minyak is available on Fridays.

Their own signature dish is the Asam Pedas Lamb Grill, it's really tasty and the Asam Pedas definitely covers whatever gamey taste that some people are afraid of when eating Lamb. This dish doesn't have much of the gamey taste though but the meat is definitely perfectly grilled and the asam pedas sauce truly makes this dish unique on its own! For me it's spicy but acceptable, but maybe for those who loves spicy food, it may be just right and not too spicy for you. But you can definitely taste the Asam Pedas for sure because their Asam Pedas sauce is homemade by them and it's their signature ready-made sauce where you can also get off their shelves too. They did not use one of the main ingredient most Asam Pedas sauce requires, they have their own secret recipe which makes this sauce unique!

Chilli Clam Spaghetti was really unique, like having seafood spaghetti. I love its tasty sweet and spicy flavours.

Rendang Peanut Butter Chicken Patty (RM15), is a beautiful blend of local Asian mix western fusion! Definitely must try! Their patty are also homemade-from-scratch!

A vegetarian dish that was just introduced into their menu 2 months ago is the Ciabatta : Fresh Veggie Sandwich with Pesto Sauce (RM15). This was also in-conjunction with special requests made but various customers during past events on indulging in vegetarian meals. Hence the introduction of these vegetarian varieties for their customers.

Their dessert is really mouthwatering! Baked fruit cake topped with ice cream and caramel. The perfect match made in heaven! Their fruit cake is also really generous in the fruits inside, its fruit size is also quite volumptious, chunky at each bite!

Anggun Chef also has a barista service where you can get your freshly brewed coffee beans that is originated from France, a custom house-made brand. It's roasting level is of dark roast because dark roast is of less acidity and has a smooth finishing that won't taste too bitter as well. Even the coffee beans used are of a lower acidity. This is why some customers don't fancy a sourish taste in their coffee, that is also why, when customers indulge in a cup of coffee here, they will be able to enjoy a smooth cup of coffee here because of the low acidity in their coffee beans and the method of roasting.

I actually had second rounds of their Strawberry Fizz Soda (RM12)! A real thirst-quencher especially in our Malaysia hot and humid weather!

However, please note that there's no more plastic straws allowed in town anymore; As everywhere else is practising the use of plastic-wares, you can bring your own stainless steel straws over or you can also get them at Anggun Chef that comes with a cute straw brush cleaner and a bag for RM8.

Somewhere in July or August they will be relocating nearer to South Entrance in MITEC KL to their very own restaurant cafe that is still in renovation.

Meantime I'd highly recommend you to drop by this humble cafe and enjoy a good homemade meal here that is sure to make you crave for more!

For more info : 
Anggun Chef
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer : All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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