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Thursday 7 May 2015

Seed SD967s Electric Lunch Box Review

My quick easy-peasy dinner. Most might even say it's so simple and "lazy" ahahah...
Basically, this is the first review of the Seed SD967s Electric Lunch Box that I recently purchased for my own use.

Look at this sweet lil thing smiling at me when it first arrived!

Seed brand from China (Made in China... duuhh! - u tell me what is not made in China nowadays...)
This is a 3-tier lunch box with 3 stainless steel pots, a manual 60min timer function and comes with a vacuum with 3 vacuum lids (to keep food fresh "before" or "after" cooked). Best to be taken outdoors for travelling (illegal cooking in the hotel ahahaha) or anywhere else. Just need the right adaptor and a working electric socket will do.

This is the whole set hehe, comes with a cute lil recycle bag to carry this electric lunch box along. Oh! That tiny lil stainless steel egg tray also comes with it. What I love about this is I can convert this 3-tier to a 2-tier layer so I can just make enough food for my baby and me at home.

The first recipe meal cooked solely with this ELB (Ps. The ELB uses the steam technology so it's healthy!)
"Tomato Rice, Steamed Egg with Onion & Braised Meat (aka Pork)"

First, use the measuring cup provided with the ELB and fill up 2 cups full (approx. 200ml) of filtered water and pour into the base.

Next add the stainless steel pot with the washed grains.

Ratio : Rice 1 : Water 1
Using the same measuring cup for rice & water.
For 2-3 pax, I added 2 cups rice & 2 cups water, then I placed a medium sized tomato in the center (cut the top part off and place it facing down)

Take a tablespoon and scoop about 6-8 spoons of water out.
This part trciky cos the tomato is huge had to squeeze it in nicely...

Next prepare braised meat (I used the already cooked canned & preserved braised pork) into the 2nd stainless steel pot (this pot is slightly smaller than the other 2). 
Place this pot on top of the rice with tomato pot.
Cover with the 2nd tier of the ELB and move to the 3rd level.

Next, prepare 2 beaten eggs with minced meat or onions or mushrooms.

Place in the 3rd stainless steel pot and put it right on the top of the 2nd tier cover.

Close the top cover and start the timer, turn the knob to 60min (which is the max la...)
Then go and do your things... In an hour, there will be a "tuck" sound.

Steamed egg's was overcooked, can actually be done in 30min instead but I was too lazy to move...

Braised Pork already cooked so this is like reheating, again can be done in 30min or even 15min for reheating.

Tomato rice, 2 cups of rice can feed 3 hungry adults... And it's already filled up the whole pot.

Mix the rice well and serve.

Simple? Yes, definitely! Save alot of time especially when you have kids yearning for you 24/7!
Interested to get one? Message me today!

Or visit my page

Seed SD-967s Electric Lunch BoxPlease PM for details
Posted by Ur Baby Store on Thursday, 25 June 2015


  1. The electric box looks like it was grinning really wide based on the 1st picture in your blog haha. I guess this electric box will come in very handy for those are still studying, and those working people who have very little time to cook.

  2. Wow this lunch box real big I have one but too tiny to cook for 3 persons

  3. Look so convenient this lunch box! Thanks for sharing. I guess it can make dishes for the entire family this!

  4. Look so convenient this lunch box! Thanks for sharing. I guess it can make dishes for the entire family this!

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