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Saturday 9 May 2015

What First Solid Foods For Ur Baby?

Many parents, especially new parents will have this question in their mind "What are types of first food to feed my baby???". Google sometimes will provide answers BUT will they provide answers to your questions in particular? Depends...

I've joined several Facebook Groups on homecook food, healthy food for my baby and so on... All these are great groups with lots of tips & tricks from other moms and dads alike. Best of all, all these comes Free-Of-Charge! Basically, these are major support groups that are dedicated to parents all around the world!

Then of course, there are recipes that these awesome parents will share in the group for anyone to try it out for themselves or for their baby. Such as the picture below;

There has been many myths over the years of our ancestors that feeding starts at 4 months old. However, there are research that goes strongly against that theory. Just google about it, you will find many info "Why not to feed solid to a 4 month old baby". Here's one of the links u can read up on from Ask Dr.Sears.com

Basically, you need to look for the signs that your baby is ready for solids and you also need to make sure you as a parent are equally ready. Next is wait until they're 6 months old, observe the signs and then start off slowly, take baby steps with your baby. Their tummy is still new and getting used to solids. 

Here's a Nutrition guide :

This picture says it all
Reasons why cereals are worst first foods for Baby, noticed the picures are mostly in those ready to buy off the shelves at your nearest supermarket? These are the ones that has ingredients that you may not be aware of but might even contain GMO in it. Which is not healthy. Homemade organic food made fresh from scratch is always the best!

Just a guide but definitely recommend to start with this at 6 months instead of 4 months.

Here's an example how to plan your baby's first solid food schedule. Remember the "4 days waiting rule", this is good to test for allergic reactions. At 6 months, baby's first solid best to have them once a day in the day time (preferably when u're eating lunch). Reason being, when there's an allergy reaction, there are paed available to bring them in, in the evenings. If during dinner time and there's an allergy reaction, at midnight it'll only double your worry because ur regular paed is not on duty at that hour. ANd u'll have to bring ur baby into the A&E to see their General Practitioner instead.

More food type guide on baby first solids for 6months - 8months babies.

At 8 months old, you can refer to this schedule guide on feeding. Adjust according to your timing. This is just an example.

More food type guide on baby solids for 8months and above.
Notice that the variety have increased.

Here's a guide from 10 months to 12 months. As your baby turns 1 year old, he/she is ready for more. After 12 months aka 1 year old. Your baby can take honey, soft cheese and much more but still remember the 4 days rule for any and every NEW food/drinks/supplements introduced to your baby.

This is a "Bottle Stages" guide to Baby Bottle Weaning (Not sure if this is the right term, LOLx!)
But with this guide, it helps provide new parents like me a guide on introducing bottle, sippy cups, trainer cups and so on until our baby finally manages to drink independently by 2 years old (as per the guide above).

Hope these info will help, please feel free to share with any new parents amongst your friends and family. These are just simple given guides that anyone can search from the internet. I just compile them here for my own reference as well. Cheerz!

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