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Saturday 24 January 2015

Tefal - Steamed Chicken & Broccoli Recipe

Tefal Convenient Series, a 2-tier electric steamer. A really handy kitchen equipment for a busy family. Basically, with this product I can go handsfree on cooking healthy meals for my family!

What we did was simple!

Oyster Sauce
Veggie (Broccoli)
Preparation Steps
1. Marinate the chicken with oyster sauce and salt for about 1 hour.
2. Place the chicken unto a plate.
3. Wash the veggie and place unto another plate.
4. Pour water into the bottom of the steamer. (Water level already indicated by food type)
5. Turn on the steamer and set the timer according to the food type.
6. Place the food that will take the longest time to cook at the bottom tray.
7. Fresh Broccoli (30-35min), placed on the top tray, remove this first.
7. Chicken (35-40min), placed on bottom tray, there will be a notification once the timer is completed.
8. Served them hot.

I would say the broccoli was cooked (a lil overcooked) because I left it there for 40min. Lazy me.. hehe!! But it was perfectly soft and moist that it can be baby food! Atleast, I know this will be of very good use for me once LO turns 6mo and slowly starts eating solid food.

The chicken was awesome! The broccoli meal had a lil juice from it and some of it went down into the chicken. The chicken was moist and thoroughly cooked to its bones. The juice from the chicken was tasty! With no extra effort! Can just serve with rice or porridge. And for that 40min, I practically was on Facebook and watching TV. Hubby was playing with baby Daniel.

Lovin' this new toy and will share more simple easy healthy homecooked recipe with this new kitchen fav of mine!

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