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Saturday 17 January 2015

Baby Shopping List (The Must Have!)

From my extensive shopping list for baby. I can finally shortlist what is really necessary so that not only my readers can use as ref. but even I can refer back in the near future for no.2 hehehe...
For exclusively breastfeeding mums.

What's necessary :

1. Baby Chicco Stroller (2-in-1) car-seat included.
Remark : It's heavy! But it's good from newborn till LO grows older. No shortcuts going up the escalator with the stroller (not recommended either).

2. Baby Cot/Travel Baby Cot
Remark : Good choice especially those that has 3-level adjustable. Baby Cot helps baby to sleep on their own without relying too much on the parents. Make sure mattress is not too soft and surrounding is clear of items. Must be within view and best if baby cot placed next to your bed (like co-sleeping) but baby has their own space/bed. Travel baby cots is good for travelling or you can use it at home in the living room or for "King size bed" can put in the center, baby can co=sleep nearer to you.

3. Bedding Stuffs
Remark : Don't need lots of it, 2 bedding sets will do. Get a waterproof bed cover from BabyLove to add another layer on top the bed sheet for LO to lay down on incase of diaper leaks or reflux/vomit. (Med Long Towel works just the same but not waterproof la)

4. Baby Clothes
Remark : For newborn, we have short sleeve for day time and long sleeve for night time. We do the laundry every 2-3 days once.

5. Baby Accessories
Remarks : 
- Handkerchiefs/Small Towel : atleast 2-4 needed per day. Baby reflux is very common and they tend to reflux/vomit quite a lot. Their digestive system is still building. Some even reflux/vomit for 1yr+. No harm getting more because is a really good long term investment.
- Med Long Towel : The ones where you hang around your neck while jogging or exercising. Good to place behind LO head where he lays down. Because they reflux easily while lying down. This med long towel helps to keep the bedding or sofa from having frequent washings.
- Bath Towel : 2-3 towels is sufficient. We only bathe LO every alternate days (to prevent LO skin from drying up too much causing eczema)
- Mittens/Bootie : atleast 2-3 sets change everyday
- Caps : only needed when bring newborn out to see Paed or follow up check up with Paed (used twice only for 1mo),
- Socks : not so soon unless u plan to try some home remedy to cure cough or fever with socks soaked in etc then no need buy baby socks (unless u're travelling to cold areas).
- Shoes : no need, until LO learn to walk and u're bringing them out (guide says its 9m+ but subjective).

6. Baby Bathing or Cleaning
Remarks : 
- Cotton puffs for cleaning or apply fresh breastmilk facial for LO
- Fiffy baby face towels (it's very thin material and good enough for bathing LO for washing his body or dab on face.
- Bathtub and anti-slip mat, never tried the mat but u will need it if your bathtub base below has to grip and LO bum bum keeps slipping inside the bathtub. A net support works but inconvenience for back wash.
- Baby wipes is very important, only 2 brands I will stick with, "Wetty" or "Pigeon". You can go traditional and wash with warm water which is the best.
- Sudocrem for diaper rash. Hardly used mine...
- Baby shampoo : Using Pigeon brand at the moment (sample) but once finished I'll only buy Baby Kingdom Organic Shampoo. Started using since 2mo. Newborn don't need shampoo! Just warm water will do. Because baby skin is still new and delicate, don't add anymore chemical on it even if it's organic. Unless LO head stink or sweat alot then ok but only moderately.
- Baby body wash : Didn't like Pigeon brand, too soapy. Baby Kingdom Organic Body Wash is the best! Paraben free and fully organic. Used from 2mo onwards. Again no need body wash for newborn baby. The more chemical u put on their skin, chances for baby skin to absorb is higher because their skin is delicate and thin.
- Baby grooming kit : nail cutter, nail filer and comb/brush.

7. Baby Carriers
Remarks :
Boba Wrap/Ring Sling/Woven Wrap - best for newborn onwards, don't get those ready hip-carriers or SSC because LO head still needs support and baby's leg must be "M" shape when in baby carrier. Picture as attached examples :

8. Nursing
Remarks : Breast pads, Breast-Nipple Shield, Breastmilk Storage Bags/Bottles & Breastpump (I bought Lacte Duet) - If u're planning to breastfeed.

9. Diaper Changing Mat
Remarks : Depending where you're planning to change LO diapers, best do it on a changing table (we used half of our dining table) because on the bed or sofa or floor, u will need to bend frequently! And then u will have to spend extra $$ to see doctor for ur back aches. Newborn diaper change about 6 to 10 diapers a day. After 1mo, on average 4 diapers a day.

10. Diapers
Remarks : I reviewed on diapers and I would recommend only Merries by Kao and Naturally Kinder by Baby Organix. Types of diapers and its quality can affect the frequency you will need to change LO diapers. Need to be observant also, not every baby is the same. Some have more delicate skin and can't stand certain brands, some works just fine. Go and get samples from all the brand or atleast most of those commercialized brands and then let LO try all of them first before opening the packets of diapers u bought. We bought Merries without any sample. At the end, it was the best investment ever.

11. Laundry
Remarks : Because of LO reflux/vomit milk stains, saliva or phelgm. Best to soak before wash. I use BabyOrganix

12. Baby Oilments/Creams
Remarks : Buds Organic Massage Oil (for massage and bonding time with LO), Buds Organic Mozzie Repellent Cream (didn't work for me), Yu Yee Oil (rub on own hand till warm and compress on LO tummy to relieve gas/wind)
Tips : If u're against traditional methods like Yu Yee Oil then go for massage oil and set a routine to massage LO head to toe, not just about the bonding moments but its relaxing and helps relieve gas/wind too.


  1. its a long list, good info for new parents.

  2. Thanks for your precious sharing! Baby shopping list is a must for a brand new mummy!

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  5. Wow thank you for the list, it's helpful.

  6. This is a really useful guide for my pregger friends! :)

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  8. We used to have shopping list n buy many things like this too, in the end too many things

  9. Shared to my friend who is going to give birth soon. Thanks for such informative post.

  10. Anti slip mat for my bathroom floor! Useful when they start walking

  11. It will be useful tips for me when I have baby.

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