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Friday, 3 October 2014

Elken Products Personal Review

I've always been skeptical of direct selling and all those Multi-level marketing companies out there that's been garnering people over the years to join, invest, sell and continue until you start earning income without doing anything because your "downlines" are earning them for u (indirectly).

However, out of all the companies I've heard; Amway, Cosway, Elken, Shaklees and etc. By far, I feel Cosway has become more commercialized even with retail stores and pharmacies at most shopping malls and even at high streets. My mum is a member and we have been using some of their product for awhile especially "Empress" brand for household kitchen wares (eg. Thermo).

Amway, was a member but don't like the concept. Forces you to invest more, so that you gain back returns faster. Don't like that way of approach, too pushy SO I left.

Elken, was skeptical at first, till my friend came just to show some test on water filter and then briefly explained about the company and stuffs. I decided to join at only RM75, gotten all the basic packages and all. Am quite satisfied overall.

At first the prices in the catalogue took my heart away because it was costly! But I realized it's because they bundle it in sets of 2 or 3 and more. It's not for the price of 1 item. 

I first thought RM50+ for a box of IG6 Colostrum cookies is expensive, little did I know, it was for 3 boxes!

RM18 for an OX toothbrush is like buying Oral B at hypermarkets but it was for 2 packet consisting of a total of 2x toothbrushes inside each packet = 4 soft toothbrushes! This helped out in my hubby's sensitive gums. Even helped for me too since I'm pregnant and am in a tendency to have bleeding gums especially when brushing teeth.

RM700+ for Celjoy supplements for my dad's joint pains, I thought it was for 1 bottle but it was for 3 bottles (buy 2 free 1) this was the running promotion when I bought it. It really helped ease the pain off my dad's joint pain, even though he lazily skipped taking it! It still works better than all the other supplement I've seen him taking. The best of all is I hear no more complains on him saying "his leg pain lah..." which is GOOD NEWS!~

RM108 for a set of SmartKleen Household cleaning products (I thought it was like those trial tester sets). But it was for a full set of cleaning products at it's original packing (not trial pack).

SmartKleen Demonstration :

To be honest, this SmartKleen product really helps alot! The laundry detergent really cleans evenly and doesn't leave horrible white soapy residue like what previous "off-the-sheleves" brand X does to my hubby's pants. The Laundry booster is definitely awesome! Just soak and you can really see the stains & even the putrid horrid smell come off!

My clothes has become more fluffier and softer with the Fabric Softener. But the Laundry detergent/powder works wonders! The smell is fresh and doing laundry indoors especially in apartment/condominiums where there is less sunlight and ventilation. There is "ZERO" humid smell coming off the laundry after washing and hanged to dry. Unlike previous brand X that I've been using before, the house stinks of wet laundry everytime I come home. Need to open the windows for the smell to get out.

This is an example a cloth with stains and smell, that is difficult to get rid off! (I've attempted throwing this away for many times)

This is what's left of the stains and the HORRIBLE smell!

This is after soaking in Laundry Booster. It's becoming cleaner! Smells definitely better or should I say, no more horrifying smell. If I soak this another time, I bet it'll be back to it's beautiful light shade of clean blue. After soaking, I just dump it into the washing machine with the Laundry detergent from Elken.

Infomercial on Laundry Booster :
All-in-all, I pretty satisfied with Elken products and yes, I won't mind promoting them if I ain't too lazy. But if u wanna try it out, u can head to any Elken distributor nearby to find out more. Or u can ask me, I'll "try" to explain. I can say I'm more of a user than a seller/distributor/promoter. But if the product is good, it is worthy of my reviews, sharing is caring afterall.

Ps. I have my eyes on other Elken products I can't wait to get them soon hehe... Like a personal shopping list ^^


  1. How to buy the colostrum cookies

    1. Hi Chrysun, u can order them online at elken.com there's a charge of RM10 fixed for shipping to anywhere in Malaysia for total purchases below RM300. Or u can visit the distributor's outlet around Malaysia to get the stock directly over the counter https://www.elken.com/corporate_pages.php?country_code=MY&language=en&page_id=2

  2. Hi just 1 know abt knees products
    my email


  3. Sure, I'll drop u an email about the details of it ^^ Hope that it'll be of great help to you. Thanks and have a great day!

  4. Hi, good review :) Im an independent distributor's of Elken. Do contact me at 0137664517 or add me at Fb: Adden Dee, Ill be glad to help out with the elken's product. I can provide brochure for free too :)


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