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Sunday 19 October 2014

Our Baby Shopping List

Time to update some baby shopping list!

Am blessed to have 2 sisters (my sister & my sis-in-law) to handover some hand-me-downs and baby furnitures/gears so that I don't have to worry much about the following :

What we've already received?
1. Baby Chicco Stroller (2-in-1) car-seat included. (Used)

2. Baby Cot (Used)

3. 1x new & 2x used blanket for baby
4. Lots and lots of hand-me-down clothes (all types) ranging from 0 months till 2 yrs old

5. Some new and maybe worn only once clothes, caps, socks, mittens and shoes.
5. Unopened packet of cotton puffs, cotton buds (still in packaging), 
6. Baby bathtub & bathtub netting support

7. Pureen & Fiffy Baby Powders (New - there's like 4 huge bottles!)
8. Nappy Liners (New) & Napkins (Used/New)
9. Breast Milk Bottle (New & Used) & Pureen Single-Electric Breast Pump (Used)
10. Pacifier (New)
11. Spill proof cup, baby fork & baby spoon (New)
12. 2 x types of Baby Carrier Bag (New) for Baby Wearing in the later stages
13. "Traditional" Cloth Napkins (New & Used also available) - still considering whether to go traditional)
14. Breast pads (some Used ones) & Breast-Nipple Shield (New)
15. Baby High Chair (Used)
16. Baby Walker (Used)
17. Portable/Foldable Baby Playpen with Diaper Changing top (Used)
18. Baby bottle sterilizer (1x New)
19. Baby bottle warmer bag (1x Used)
20. Baby milk bottles (2x Used, 2x New)
21. Baby Bouncer (Used)
22. Extra Baby car seat for 2nd car from hubby's best friend
23. Baby Moses Basket (Used)
24. Pigeon Goodie Bag (from Pigeon Breastfeeding Workshop)
- Pigeon Baby wipes
- Sudocrem
- Pigeon Baby shampoo
- Rosken dry skin repair
- Pigeon BM storage bottle
- Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads

What we've already bought?
1. 1x Baby receiving blanket (Done)

2. Portable baby cot (good when travelling and baby to sleep with us)

3. Baby Diapers (Merries Brand - 2x Newborn & 3x Small) + 2x Baby bottle warmer bags from Merries.

4. Pigeon laundry detergent bottle with refill pack for baby clothes (Comes in a set)
5. New clothes for baby boy from Daddy & Mummy

6. New clothes for baby boy from Grandma (Daddy side)

7. New clothes for baby boy from Uncle & Aunt (Daddy's best friends - Min How & Ting)

8. Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapers

9. Baby Oil/Massage Oil and also
Baby Mozzie Lotion Cream - Gift from Grandma (Daddy's side) *It's a mosquito repellent cream for baby

10. Non-slip dish & spoon, Bath & Room Thermometer, Bath sponge, Grooming kit

11. Baby swaddle wrap, Bath towels, Baby pillow & bolster - extra 1 set for portable use, Face towels, Baby wet wipes, Bottle brush cleaning

12. Baby safety kit at home

13. Baby cot fittings - extra 1 set, Newborn Swaddle, Baby mattress fitted sheet with matching pillow & bolster covers, Waterproof Mattress Protector

14. Dr.Brown Anti-Colic Bottle

15. Bottle drying rack
16. Nursing wrap/poncho

17. BabyOrganix - Naturally Kinder (Free Newborn Diaper Samples)

18.Nursing bra (Manage to try at FabulousMom Retail outlet, highly recommended~ The kakak there help me check if I'm getting the right size because am first time mummy), Nursing Tank Tops (for sleep & outing), Nursing Pyjamas

19. Nursing clothes (bought 1 set for me and baby hehe...) Will go back again to buy others after confinement.

20. Baby Bath Powder Container & Happy Puff Baby Strawberry Organic Snack
(Was curious to try the Happy Puff because alot of mummies recommend it, even went to iHerb to purchase it all the way from US)

21. Baby Maternity Wear - Cute pregnant tee (Great for photoshooting)
Bought from Tinystyle Fan on Facebook, highly recommend! The tee material is really smooth and also jersey/breathable type, great for pregnant mummy that is always feeling hot and especially great if u're staying in places that has hot weather almost all-year round like Malaysia.

Bought this from Fabulous Mom retail outlet. Good because can try first before purchase, though slightly costly even after discount. But different design, so it's okay.

22. Philips Avent Breast Shell Set (Breastmilk Collection Shells) @ RM61+ from First Few Years @ The Curve

23. Lacte Duet Double Pump @ RM449 (From Baby Invasion on FB/Cheras outlet)

24. Boba wrap from Fabulousmom @ RM150
(Embedding a video from FB here on how to put on a Boba wrap)

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