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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Sebrinah's Quick Dry Carrot Noodle Recipe

This looks like maggi mee but it's not... Buy carrot noodles from the wet/dry market. I got mine at one of those morning market in USJ 11. 

I ran out of gas so I had to cover the noodle in hot water in a pot/bowl until it's cooked/soft enough to eat. Of course boiling is best.

I actually added fish sauce in it to boil together (the noodle will have like a tinge of salty taste to it)

Once it's done, just mix it with light soya sauce and sesame oil. If u have the time u can chop small red onions and fry them in oil till crispy golden brown, save it in a glass container with the oil to keep the onions crispy. Sprinkle a lil of the oil and fried onion over the noodle just to enhance the flavor.

Have fun cooking!

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