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Tuesday 1 August 2023

Jalan Jalan Perlis with Travelogue Malaysia

 Yes! You heard that right! Today I am sharing my true and real experience on my travelogue Malaysia journey to Perlis. I drove up there and it took about 5 hours actually, I wouldn't say it was long but so long as you are well prepared for stops along the way then you are ready.

So the journey up was already very entertaining because good company is a must to keep you awake for 5 hours. Or music will also work for me. Another is enjoying the process, along the way you get to view beautiful mountains, skyview, some slow cars and some very crazy fast cars and do be careful when it rains. But nearer to Perlis you will start to feel the peacefulness in your heart. 

You will see cool blue clear skies, sunny sunshine with huge paddy fields! I went in February and the paddy fields were green and almost turning in for the season. Also you will see rows and rows of Harum Manis mango trees on some fields and cows. The 5 hours journey we have many stops in between as we weren't rushing to enter Perlis. It was a very smooth journey all the way.

We immediately went straight to Savana Hotel at Perlis. It was a very nice place to be in. I love the cleanliness and the hotel rooms were fully equipped and almost brand new. I also like how they accommodate big family and also bigger crowds too. 

A good place if you want to consider having a gathering trip here or teambuilding even. They have hotels within the same building and also serviced apartments along the entire building lot stretch. We stayed at the serviced apartment with separate rooms with toilets attached to the rooms.

Right after checking in, we didn't delay further. We went to Sadiah Cafe for dinner and we were quite early. So we decided to visit the Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa right opposite Sadiah Cafe that you can just walk over in 10 minutes. We saw some guests and staff that actually was enjoying their evening walks/jog along the paddy field there. 

I love how the entire area is just so beautifully and naturally designed for a very memorable homestay experience. And this is definitely the next place I will want to visit with my kids during the mango season (April-June).

Our dinner at Sadiah Cafe is truly appetizing and very fulfilling. I got to enjoy the local delicacy here the "Urap Jagung" that is really a new dish I have never heard of or rarely hear of. And it was lovely! Their seafood spread was also a very interesting combination, I love how fresh the seafood is and how generous their portions are. Also the best part is, it is not as spicy as I feared it will be! I love how the flavours blend together and everything here is in-house homemade, it's a family business that is surely worth mentioning. 

You can also enjoy your meals in the middle of the paddy fields or over at the top with a nice overview of the surroundings. If you have kids like me, then they will surely enjoy the play area downstairs dedicated just for the little ones.

The 2nd day, we drove out to Ngopi at Perlis to enjoy breakfast over there. I must say that it was one of my favourite palce there that until this very day I can still imagine sinking my tooth into its crispy crusty buttery flaky warm croissant sandwich and pastry goods!

Their belgium chocolate was very rich in flavour and I came to know that all the ingredients including the sauces for the sandwiches are all made there! Own recipe, own homemade delicacies. Definitely you will not want to miss this! I was asking the owner if he will franchise out soon and it seems like yes, the chances are very high that they may be coming over to Klang valley soon, but before that happens and before it gets super viral, come and visit the origin outlet to experience the real deal yourself!

We visited Unic Astana Holidays office that is just further opposite Ngopi, across an open carpark area. So we sat there and were explained of where will be head to the next destination and the following 3rd day as well before we depart home. I love how Perlis people are really friendly and they treat you like family. It was a very welcoming and loving experience that I will surely want my family to experience it too. I always believe how people react to you is how you react to them first too. So be nice because the people there are really really genuinely nice and caring!

I also got to see Unic Astana Holidays Headquarters that actually is one of the oldest travel agent in Perlis. They actually have many packages not just in Perlis but around Malaysia and other places you wanna travel to as well. And their packages are really affordable! For us, this round we had a special request to visit places in Perlis that was not crowded with tourists but worthy of mention. And they really brought us to places that is truly worthy of mention. 

They also have a huge coach bus as well for bigger crowd and even have their own rescue service team which you don't always see with  travel agent companies. And I feel this is something worthy of mentioning. The company really take pride and take accountability in their people and their clients and customers. Very responsible and responsive at the same time. They give super awesome advises too when we were planning for our upcoming trip down with our family. Because they only want to offer the best and not 2nd best.

Lunch on the 2nd day was over at Suri Masakan Melayu Traditional. You may have heard of this place before, but it was my first time and I can understand why this place is crowded with people. Thankfully when we arrived we had a spot booked for us.

The variety of the cuisine available here is basically everyone's wildest dream come true! There's no way you can try everything here in one visit. They have so many choices from the main food to the side dishes, to the vegetables, to the grilled options, to the beverages and even until the sauces and soups. Too many to choose from but only one tummy to fill.

My phone went on a buffet spree shooting before I had my fill of my favourite rice served with masak lemak sauce and the usual, fish, meat and veggie.

After lunch we headed over to Timah Tasoh, Santuari Air Ikan Tawar for a boating activity. There was a cute little lamb that greeted us as we arrived.

The boat experience was an eye-opening experience. We got to enjoy the sights and sea breeze. The view is spectacular! Even if you don't own an iPhone but the image and video that you will capture will surely be captivating because the entire view itself is just so majestic! We got to see Gunung Chabang Mari at the sea and also we saw some areas that was blocked off with some historical stories being shared during our boat ride that some places actually used to be a village that is now filled with water. It's basically like we are right over Atlantic City, there was literally a village right below the water as we glide through. 

There were some areas where we also saw the tip of the roof on the surface of the water, and these houses are of the olden days houses that is already submerged in water. Talk about solid structure that is still standing strong underwater.

It was a great activity to also enjoy yourself without the stress of the hustle and bustling of the city and your work/business matters. And a place to just unwind and relax. Allows time for your food to digest too.

Right after our boating activity, we headed over to Gunung Chabang Mari directly.

Upon entering only then I found out this place is famous because of the little lamb there. One of them was apparently super naughty. But nevertheless this place was also famous because the entire view is like being in Switzerland itself with the mountain view and the landscape beautifully laid out with the lambs at the side eating the grass.

I took many selfies with my selfie stick and videos. I tried to wefie with the lamb but at the start, they didn't want what I gave to them so I just ignored them and they just came over to check me out when I was taking photo under the tree right smacked in the center.

Also I noticed the chicken here is so cute! I've never seen a chicken with such cute butt.

After enjoying nice views and unwind and relax. We then headed to another tourist spot that wasn't so crowded that day, was the Kampung Warna Warni. In english it translates as Colorful Village. And I kid-you-not this village is superbly colorful. I love how it was a combination of several villages in the entire area that actually colored and painting their homes in colorful shades of design and artistic patterns and colors.

What i see here is not just the creativity but the unity of how these villagers put effort to make something different than the norm and come together despite some are of different areas, but with  a purpose to just be different. And it became a tourist attraction in Perlis. Because when visitors pay to enter with the buggy car. They also get to stop by at some of the villagers home that  offers some snacks and tidbits as their livelihood.

I stopped when I saw this home that sells Dodol and was given some to try first and I bought the entire last 5 packet home. It was way better than any dodol I've tried before. And this is handmade not machine made! It is a must-have!

Along the villages we also got to see the seaside nearby with a huge crab statue there. It was a nice pitstop to chillax and snap photos and enjoy the sunset before we head back for dinner.

Dinner time arrived and we also arrived at Rohani Ikan Bakar outlet. This is one of the most noticeable shops along the entire Perlis because they have 2 huge outlets and they serve amazing ikan bakar aka grilled fish. 

Just look at the fresh seafood spread for you to choose from. We tried quite alot of variety and even some that was super unique like the stingray fish.

We each had our favourites but I love all of it. This beats any fresh grilled seafood I've had at the food courts in Klang Valley.

The 3rd day before we headed back to KL, we went to Warong Bonda for breakfast and we chose the right place. This place actually has a lovely view of the paddy field that you can take an instagramable photo there. 

We also took many instagramable photo shots of the food we ordered.

The food is very unique and local. It's not a common flavour that you can get in KL. You gotta be here to experience it yourself.

Before heading back we needed to head over nearby to Gunung Medan. I know many will be wondering why not Wang Kelian? Well, to be honest we didn't want it to be crowded when seeing spectacular views. So basically when we went to Gunung Medan it was just us. No crowd. I only know that in the morning when the sun is not so hot, only the local neighborhood nearby will come here for jogging. 

But I must say that this view is truly exhilarating! It's breathtaking and puts you in awe! Can even do TikTok here because the background is just priceless! It's like the bests place for instagramable scenic views and also TikTok-worthy. 

We stopped at Nira Nipah Klasik for lunch and it was our first time seeing the pokok Nipah and tasting the pure sweet juice from the fruits of this tree. It was truly lovely! An inspiring place to be at and a place you can just take your mind off things and just allow creativity to flow.

Definitely after a very relaxing and I will daresay it is a healing trip, you will surely miss this place the most and want to bring more people to come and see Perlis for the beauty that is hiding within.

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