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Monday 12 July 2021

Thad & Mik Lactation Cookie Review

I've tried many cookie's in my entire breastfeeding journey, especially the ones that promotes boosting breastmilk. And out of the many I've tried and reviewed before, this one was my favourite, because it was really yummy and chocolatey. 

I love how it tastes and I don't taste too much of the other herby ingredients that some cookies has it very strongly. And it's not too dry and coarse like some who is super high in fibres. 

It was just the nice blend in combination and the chocolate was really like a melt in your mouth type and it was chunky! If you love chunky chocolates you will love this for sure.

At first I was thinking, like all other cookies maybe this will take time to work too. But I didn't know that even after breastfeeding consistently for 7yrs in a row with several months break in between when I had shingles back in 2018 and now still breastfeeding my baby girl; I would still have the feeling of getting engorged! 

And at first I thought maybe I was just excited and happy to try out something new that got me to feel boosted. However, I tried again 2 to 3 pieces of cookie and true enough, in just 24hours I felt somewhat fuller. In fact, it wasn't just me who enjoyed the cookies, my kids as well. My baby girl was the happiest, cookies and milk just for her. Breastfeeding for 7 years in a row and feeding on demand via direct latch helps to keep the flow going and also takes away the concept of, how many ounces you can produce because I believe the breastpump and milk bottle, cannot measure the amount of milk one can produce. 

Only your mindset, your emotions/feelings and your baby can measure the amount of milk you have. I was always positive about breastfeeding and never listen in to naysayers or negativity, to the point even the cabbage couldn't stop me from lactating. Since then I knew our mind is a powerful tool! That with support from cookies like this helps. Also, because cabbage didn't work for me, when I was engorged, the only 2 things that has helped me this time around was my Lumispa and Cholestin! Because Cholestin supplement helps to reduce any blockages at the milk ducts and allows smoother flow in our bloodstream because one of the ingredients in it is Lecithin. As for Lumispa, it helps to gently massage and unblock milk ducts that is stuck, works much better and efficient than my knuckles or the back of the comb or warm bottle water.

Here's where to get some cookies to indulge in for leisure with your family or for your breastfeeding journey. Trust me, this works! And check out the other reviews on their Instagram channel too! Lotsa mummies attest to this! 

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Fill up the order form here .
Thereafter kindly PM them via WhatsApp for further confirmation.
(Alternatively you may directly WhatsApp your order)

As for the extra tip on the Lumispa and Cholestin, you can get them at my website anytime no matter where you are around the world, as it is available in all 55 Global country.

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