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Sunday 21 June 2020

JOYLEE Covid-19 Battle Pack For My Family

Since the pandemic, many have been pretty paranoid over the Covid-19 that has no solution to yet! With its unpredictable speed at affecting millions around the world, as a parent, I myself am pretty paranoid to ensure that it doesn't touch my family at all cost!

With that, I have been browsing for a solution that can eliminate bacteria effectively. Since the start of MCO in Malaysia there has been a surge for masks and sanitizer flooding the market out there. Then the UV Sterilizer rod was also seen trending.

And by luck, I came across the JOYLEE Covid-19 Battlepack that is pretty convenient to bring about and does as it says.

The JOYLEE Disinfectant Spray effectively combats against and kill 99.9% contagious viruses, bacteria & fungus. Consists of 75% ethanol based alcohol that safeguards your children and pets from all unwanted germs like the recent COVID-19, influenza, ringworms, rabies, etc.

Helps reduce risks of contamination. Especially nowadays when we head out for a quick grocery restocking that when we get back, we have to sanitize ourself! Spray hand, spray our clothes and even the bags have to spray them before entering. Hence this spray is now an essential nowadays. Welcome to the new norm.

One thing that is good with this spray is that it is also safe for pregnant and babies 1 year onwards. It also has this safety lock that you can switch left to right to lock and unlock, so if you have kids that loves exploring, this is good because they will need to figure out how to unlock it before even spraying it, gives you more time to quickly step in and get it away from them.

The JOYLEE Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer that kills 99.9% germs is definitely a must-have! I swear, I have never used sanitizer so frequent my entire life. I bet many have been experiencing this same phenomenon!

If you have wrinkly, crumpled skin and dry harsh ones; It is not surprising. Just look at the ingredient of the alcohol needed to kill bacteria on your hands. Hence, why I always find hand sanitizers that has moisturizing features included.

Atleast, I can have a peace of mind that it can moisturize my hands at the same time as it sanitizes my hands and kills bacteria in the process.

JOYLEE UV Handheld Sterilizer Rod is also the reason why I feel this package is worth it! Because it is fun to have a new gadget like this. And it is handy enough to fit into my pocket or bag and can be used anywhere I need a quite bacteria killing without liquid or gel or cream textures involved. Especially on surfaces that is more fragile, like our leather wallet for example, or our mobile phone, toys, money or coins and so much more. Because sanitizer with alcohol not only kill bacteria but when in contact with certain material or sorts it can change the material and probably even damage the item in question.

When I received it, I did receive the same question from my family members if it really works? Because the UV light is very small and cute and lightweight. So to clear all their doubt, I did an experiment to test the UV light with some Neon painted egg shells to prove the UV is really a UV. Watch the video below to be convinced that this handy UV Sterilization Rod is truly a UV light that does what it says!

How to efficiently use this UV Sterilization Rod from JOYLEE?
Step 1 - Press and hold the switch button and wait for abit for the UV light to turn on
Step 2 - Scan on any surface or objects for atleast 20 seconds
Step 3 - Release your hold on the button and it's DONE! Bye bye germs!

And the benefits of these are aplenty!

- No harmful chemicals involved

- Complete sterilization in just 20 seconds
- Eliminate unseen germs, bacteria, mites and viruses
- Disinfects surfaces and objects
- Operates with 2 AAA batteries

And with its ergonomic design, I can just bring along with me anywhere anytime when I am out and about! Because it is suitable to also sterilize car seats, the place where you seat, children products and toys before they put it in their mouth or touch it!, computer or electrical appliances - you don't want to spray alcohol over these!, even in the kitchen and bathroom, also stationaries and your mobile phone, since we have to scan the QR code or write our name and contact wherever we visit nowadays.

Wanna know where I got my JOYLEE Covid-19 Battlepack ?

Visit JOYLEE for more

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