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Friday 14 February 2020

MiSSi Care Home Nursing Malaysia

It has been awhile! Since being involved in weight and health wellness care, I was privileged to be able to come across MiSSi Care that offers services for looking after the elderly folks in Malaysia.

To be honest, this came really timely because I have a few mutual friends on Facebook that were enquiring in the support groups for their elders. Some of the questions I'm sure many of you may come across or maybe you're even looking for (which is why you're here reading this post) services for home nursing and a home for the elderly -possibly.

At first seeing the poster above, I thought it was only for the elderly but it was actually open to all. I wanted to bring my parents along but they weren't available, hence I brought my husband instead. As we just wanted to get our health screened this year to stay in check of our wellbeing. 

Because I believe we deserve to know what's the current condition or state our body is in and what we can do to improvise our health and wellbeing from the inside out naturally, which is what I am specialized in as a health & weight management consultant myself.

We went through the various tests provided by MiSSi Care and Elderlove for this Executive Health Screening and was amazed especially at the physiotherapy consultant because I always knew that I was leaning on my right side which caused aches on my shoulder; due to overusing my right hand and I always sling my bags across my left shoulders, so am always slanted. 

Also after taking proper nutritional supplements on my own duopack health program, the result during my physiotherapy amazed me! My scores we all near to perfect and I was not even slanting anymore! 

I never expected my body bone posture will improve. But luckily I went for this check only to find that my posture is all perfect! 

You see, MiSSi Care is a service provider that offers nursing care through their professionally certified nurses that can look after your elders at their home by appointment or package based. Some are also on-call and they also provide services to accompany the elders to their regular health scan.

Apart from that, there's also a center in Puchong that is the Elderlove Living Care & Rehabilitation centre, where they offer a long term care for those who requires day care for the elderly; Especially those that is post-stroke, post-surgery, requires tube feeding, stoma care, physiotherapy and skilled nursing care.

MiSSi Care is actually a one stop elderly nursing care solution for your loved ones that can be easily navigated online via the web and especially on mobile app.

How to access to MiSSi Care?
You can easily download the MiSSi Care app on your device (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.missicare.ionic). Sign up and then proceed to place a booking for a nurse at your preferred time slot and proceed to payment mode via online or card.

For now MiSSi Care is only available in Peninsula Malaysia, hence you can visit them on the web or contact them for more info.

MiSSi Care
Website | Facebook
Contact: +60176368773

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