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Friday 20 March 2020

ECOSTORE No.1 Eco Product From New Zealand Review

Nowadays, we are always looking for the best product for our family and loved ones. However, with so many brands out there, there was this one particular brand that caught my attention the most. ECOSTORE is known to be the No.1 Eco brand product from New Zealand.

I didn't hesitate to get a set for my baby girl and it was good to say that I would also recommend it for those with lil ones. I like its no nasty chemicals and plant-based ingredients that is really soothing and refreshing.

The aroma is really calming and it isn't like the other products out there that seems to be using chemicals or synthetics that makes your skin irritable. This one smells and the texture even feels really gentle on the skin.

I also really like how it doesn't emit too much bubble meaning it is safe from harmful chemicals but yet it lathers evenly neat and smoothly on my baby's skin. She didn't even cry during bath time.

After bath, she do gets her massage time and the baby oil by ECOSTORE was pretty decent, because it does not leave any sticky oily residue and it absorbs efficiently. It's not too diluted neither is it too thick too.

I also love how it's packaging is really neat, simplicity at its best! No nonsense product I would say, because it is truly environmental friendly and by using ECOSTORE brand products, I believe we are playing a role in saving the earth!

Especially now we need a more safer product to keep us protected not just on the inside but even external, we need to really have good hygiene to stay healthier all-rounded. And I'm sure my baby girl approves of this brand too.

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Valid on ECOSTORE products on Radiant website only. Valid until end July 2020.

Visit ECOSTORE and get these products shipped direct to your doorstep!

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