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Sunday 1 March 2020

E3 Largest Hairdressing Group In Asia

Gratitude is the first thing that I will start my post with today. Because I travelled all the way through into the hearts of Kuala Lumpur to E3 Hair Salon Masjid Jamek to pamper my hair.

Ps. Just for you reading this, this 50% discount is for you to leverage at E3 Hair Salon!

Yes! E3 Hair Salon is actually the largest hairdressing group in Asia, and they have a chain of professional hair salons across Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Hence the reason why I just had to get my hair pampered at E3 today.

It has been more than a quarter since I last colored my hair and I am already anticipating for a fresher hairdo.

I decided to colour my entire hair red without having to bleech it. I am still reluctant to bleech my hair even though I know how to look after it with good products but it's just a personal mindblock I have with bleeching hair. 

And yes, I know my hair will turn out naturally beautiful because of the original hair colour of mine that is quite stubborn, so colouring it red will always turn out brownish red instead.

My hairstylist for the day was Olivia and I really love her hand skills. I like how she respected the space that I always enjoy sinking into my own thoughts and phone while she pampered my hair. Because I seldom speak when someone is doing my hair.

But we did have some mini fun moments snapping wefies together and also tagging each other on Instagram. But I must say I love her luscious locks and silver hair colour but I am yet to be ready to accept bleeching my hair! (Again...)

Another thing I must highlight is the hairwash by Olivia. When I said it was my day that day to pamper my hair, I really meant it and the Universe gifted what I asked for. Best hairwash and head massage ever!

What surprised me most is, most salons out there takes atleast 3 to 4 hours to get my hair done because the colours don't stick easily to my hair. 

Yet my session here was about 2 hours and after a few days of washing, the true color finally showed up and under any lighting, my hair has that natural shiny glow and the mysterious color or reddish brown just look naturally beautiful. Just the way I like it.

It has not stopped me from taking many selfies of myself since!

Because loving yourself first is important.

So if you ask me if I'll be back again to E3, probably yes! I might even bleech my hair here because the quality of my colored hair did not dry my hair out! Don't forget to use the 50% discount on your next visit!

For more details visit :

For appointment:
Contact: 03-2072 2888
Address: No 42-1, Wisma Konwa, Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur.
Website: www.e3hairsalon.com/E3Salon/

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