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Sunday 7 April 2019

Siti Jamumall Grand Wedding of the Year 2019

They always say luck is always with those who needs them or luck is always for those who deserves it! True enough, today I was invited to Siti Suriani's Grand Wedding at Laman Kayangan Shah Alam, that was truly a remarkable feat worth mentioning!

Siti Suriani is just like the "Girl next door", a sweet petite girl who is also known as Siti Jamumall; Received a fully sponsored Grand wedding worth up to RM500,000 from the pre-wedding arrangements all the way up to her Honeymoon!

She was just like any other ordinary girl out there, but her big heart of helping others through her own online portal as she did "Live" coverage of product and service reviews for most local non-branded companies and some branded ones. She managed to garner and bring traffic to the said companies from an unknown brand to a reputable brand or a known household/lifestyle brand overtime in the Malaysian market.

She never expected such response from the marketing industry as she had initially planned to have a small wedding celebration with her loved ones as she posted on her Facebook. When suddenly it became a huge feat that she received so many calls and offers of many parties interested in sponsoring her wedding as a whole!

Being a promoter and host on her online portal, marketing and promoting various items from food, cosmetic, fashion and health products; Her 3 years of her sincere helping heart was paid off! Because she never judged the brand or product's she represented and gave equal chance to every review a fair share in sharing her personal experience using the product. Some of which are not even known to many, yet she willingly helped some of these unknown brands to continue sustain in the market today. Because of that, these brands and companies were really grateful to her and was more than happy to sponsor her wedding in return for the good deed she has done for them in the past.

In total, she received up to 20 over sponsorships from various companies for various occasions, attires, cakes etc.

1. "Pelamin" & Decoration by WeddingbyEmma

2. Grand Cake from Mad About Cake

3. VIP menu from Rumpun Selera

4. Bridal Gown from Dila Jean Bridal Collection

5. Coffe Es-Cream from Ana Zahra Beauty
6. Jamu from Seri Lady Empire Resources
7. Bridesmaid Bawal Shawl from Gallery Bawal
8. Kain Pasang Diamond from Irahsukri
9. Telekung from Pretty Aini
10. Make Up Set from Zacthira Navillionniza
11. Scarf from Scarf by Mehrun
12. Printed Box from Art Creation Printing
13. Perfume from Luxa Essencia Resources
14. Honeymoon Package from Arwarna Resort
15. Rempah Ratus Mak siti

There was lots of other sponsors as well at the Grand Wedding day, with lots of side dishes pop-up stalls at the sides of the hall and at the main entrance. Truly a feast for many!

17. Catering Aiskrim Viral

18. Icely KL (Ice Cream Potong)

19. Khairul Aiskrim Muslim

20. Apam Balik by The Veggiess

21. Satay Ros Viral

21. Chef Nar Kitchens - Mee Kari Kriuk..Kriuk

22. Laksa Johor

23. Otak-Otak by Fadli

Their list of sponsors is more than the above! 

 Wedding door gifts for guests alone is already a big blessing by itself!

We enjoyed ourselves here as it was a celebration of marriage between two kind-hearted individual!

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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