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Saturday 9 December 2017

The Tokyo Restaurant at lsetan The Japan Store Lot 10 KL

I've always wanted to experience Japan, however it won't be anytime soon. Thankfully, I am able to still enjoy a lil taste of Japan in the hearts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Hearing the buzz on social media since Isetan The Japan Store at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang KL opened; I've never truly been there before. Today was my very first time and it was enjoyable!

We had lunch with my family on the 4th floor at The Tokyo Restaurant. From the outside, it's décor are splendidly serena and tranquilizing beautiful! Doesn't look like any casual dining place to be and looks expensive too!

However, we were in for a surprise!

For the amazing décor and comfortable seating area, plus the peaceful serene surrounding; The pricing on the menu was really reasonable and affordable. They even have a kids menu!

Over here, they serve Western Japanese Fusion cuisine. The flavours of Tokyo are elegantly expressed out in this restaurant. Western cuisine are added with a Tokyo twist where, people can experience variety of top class food from all over the world!

So today we had their "Lunch Menu", which is the Beef Curry (RM22) with Deep Fried Chicken (+RM6) & Japanese Fluffy Omelette (+RM8) served with soup.

It was amazing! The beef curry was flavorful and meat portions were generous! Even my son who just urned 3 years old, loves the curry too! It's definitely not spicy. I've heard the rave about Japanese curry but this is my first time experience it and I am in love!

We ordered 3 types of drinks to share.

The Rosemary Lemonade (RM14), homemade refreshing rosemary syrup with soda, lemon and rosemary. It's not too sweet and with the soda, it adds a lil fizz to the drink. Rosemary is great for the memory too!

The Cranberry Lemonade (RM14) was my son's favourite! Cranberry juice with soda, sliced lemon and lemon juice. Sweet citrus and fizzy!

We also had the Virgin Passion Mojito (RM16) that consists of Mango syrup, soda and fresh mint. This was also refreshing as it has a natural mild mango sweetness blended with soda added with mint leaves that makes the drink a cooling drink to have on a sunny day!

Then we had also from their "Lunch Menu", the Sauteed Salmon with Lemon Soy Sauce (RM50), it's basically sauteed salmon fillet, served with romaine lettuce, papaya salad and lemon butter sauce. This set came with soup and rice.

The salmon was fresh and perfectly sauteed and cooked! I enjoyed eating this dish because of the salmon which is my favourite!

As for my kids, I ordered a Kids Sushi Platter (RM15) that is fresh, fun and yummy altogether!

Comes with gloves for you to roll your own sushi! The kids will love it! My son enjoyed playing with it, real true bonding moments with the family making sushi together and eating it was fun.

What I like about this was the sushi is not the fried snacks like other sushi joints have on their kids platter. They put real premium sushi ingredients like salmon, prawns etc! And it's fresh and yummy! (I just said it again fresh and yummy, haha)

We also ordered a Fried Bucket Combo (RM10) which consists of fried chicken cutlets with fries served with tomato sauce and do request for their "Mamee Fries" sauce!

That special sauce blends perfectly with the fries and it's not something you can get anywhere! It's their own recipe! We loved it and my son loved it as well! His favourite is fries for now...

For dessert, we had a taste of their yummy unique blend of Matcha Meringue Roll (RM18). It looks like a great dessert to end the meal with! But to be honest, it tastes even better than it looks.

With its uniquely blend of Matcha roll cake that is made up of meringue and Matcha powder served with red bean paste! I'm sure you will know what Meringue is, incase you don't, it's made up of egg whites and probably sugar, beaten up until it's fluffy. A normal meringue is super duper sweet and the texture is like hard candy. But this Matcha Meringue Roll is special because it's like eating semi-sweet marshmallow with it's fragrant egg aroma and he lightness of the sweet matcha taste, paired with red bean paste, it makes this dessert just perfect!

Incase you're wondering, YES! This place is famous for their 6th Avenue Cheese Cake (RM18) but we didn't try it, we'll try it next time hehe!

I'd highly recommend this place with your family, it's really kids friendly, clean and just feels safe with the kids here! They even have crayons for your kids to color the drawings behind their kids menu!

So do drop by for a visit!
They have baby chairs for the lil ones too, they even cater for private events and it's pork free!

Opening Hours : Daily, 11am to 11am (Last Call 10pm)

ISETAN The Japan Store, LOT 10,
No. 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact : 03 - 21192622
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  1. tokyo restaurant in isetan... thanks for sharing... blh la pergi... hehe


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