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Monday, 25 September 2017 First Tele-Health in Malaysia

Gone are the days when you're feeling unwell and you have to dread your feet to the nearby clinic to get yourself diagnosed with medications to ease and soothe your discomfort. It's not that it's difficult, but you would have to drive out, find a parking, register yourself and wait to be called by the nurses.

Now with being the first ever online tele-health platform in Malaysia;
Connecting patients to an extensive network of doctors and medical practitioners through the convenience of audio call, video call or chat.

What's most beneficial with this platform is that it is super convenient and very affordable! For non-emergency medical care where you can access anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are.

This is a great platform to seek 2nd or 3rd opinion from other doctors and consultation will only cost you RM20!

Privacy in medical care is important, therefore with this platform, with the seclusion of their home, patients can raise concerns about tight-lipped subjects such as sexual health and etc. Patients can use the audio call or chat if they're really shy to video call about their condition. They even have the option to include photos, files or reports as reference to the doctors that will be attending to them to further analyse the patients situation.

With Professional Doctors and MMC registered, every doctor are thoroughly vetted for their certification, experience and expertise before joining In the future, more doctors on board may come onboard that consists of Specialists Doctor as well.

Online Pharmacy

Medication is also available after diagnosed, where you can opt to pick up at the nearest pharmacy for your selection or request for delivery to your home. Delivery within Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley will take 4-6hrs via Zepto and 1-2 working days for the rest of Malaysia via Poslaju.

This platform is built with a safe and secured payment integration that supports all major banks and credit cards.

I occasionally have bloatedness when it is about to rain or sometimes just for no reason. Sometimes it gets so bad that I'll have cold sweat, nausea, loss of appetite and sometimes constipation. I've never had gastric before in my life and some used to tell me it's because I eat too much meat and etc.

In this video, Dr Adeline, provided me with a really good analysis of my condition and gave me an awareness of the causal factor of my situation is most likely indigestion.

I've never thought about that before and now when I look back at all the times I feel bloated. It has somehow a link to indigestion (too much meat, didn't chew properly, swallowing food chunks, imbalance meal proportions, hot & cold combination, less veggie and etc) hence why the constipation situation and once I relieve gas or had my bowel movements, the bloatedness will be gone.

A brief history of my call with Dr Adeline. A detailed summary of report. I love it!

To learn more about, please contact :
+6012 510 3569


  1. Wow.thanks for sharing dear. It's easier for us having doctor on call so that we can address to our needs anytime the day.

  2. woww.. dah tak perlu jumpa doktor? just on call aje? senang sangat dah ni.. hehehe

  3. Woah looks really convenient! I have never know we can now visit doctor ONLINE lol.

  4. This is very useful for those who needs consultations. Such a great innovation

  5. That’s quick a interesting article. I hope you had fun while writing this article….Wanted to ask if you click your own blog pics? They do look fair enough

  6. This will be so convenient for kids and elderly, should give this a go when I'm too lazy to move.

  7. Doctor On Call is good news for all. They can even deliver medicine by courier.

  8. Wao, now this is available in Malaysia finally. SO much easy and convenient actually ya


  9. Am not sure if we have like this in the Philippines. Lack of doctors around because they already went overseas for higher paychecks.
    Thia app could be nice especially if it can search and locate doxtors worldwide for a specific specialization.

  10. I got gastric & always need to see doctor & buy medicine. After this I dont need to drive to clinic anymore. Just use Doctor on Call.

  11. Knew about this service long ago from a friend who is a doctor who is offering his service via Doctor on Call. Here's praying I don't need to use this service!!!

  12. I know Dr Adeline, she is pretty professional, helpful and pretty cool.. I find it all very easy to use... and the medication is also great...will be using her when have need again

  13. Heard about this website but haven't try before. Seem so convenient.

  14. I've used their service before, And seriously, so convenient!

  15. This was really indeed a really good concept as online world has been growing! This might works and really convenient in the futute! Can really start try this web soin! Thanks for sharing!

  16. it is cheaper and more convenient. No need to stay in line and wait for 10 mins consultation


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