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Monday 23 January 2017

Durian Hokkaido Cheese Baked Tarts Malaysia Review

I've no idea since when the cravings for the current trending Cheese Baked Tarts have emerged. But it's been mushrooming everywhere!

Personally I've never tasted it before and this was my first time experience it. Thanks to Openrice.my for the invite that I get to enjoy reviewing "Hokkaido Cheese Baked Tarts" new flavour!

Durian Cheese Baked Tarts, made with D24 flesh. When it's hot it's mouthwatering! If it's chilled, it's refreshing. When it's frozen, it's like Durian Ice Cream! I've only tasted the fresh hot from oven but it was good enough to allow my imagination to explore it when it's chilled or frozen.

One of the most important key highlight with this is, it actually boosted my Breastmilk Production! Apart from Salmon and the real Durian, this is another Breastmilk booster for me! It only proves that they really use real Durian! Even those Durian pastries at some other stalls were nothing compared to this! Definitely a keeper!

Original Cheese Baked Tarts, I always fear of eating creamy cheesy creams that gets too overwhelming and sometimes too much to handle. However, this was an exception and I finally rid my fear of it! I always wondered how am I gonna indulge a box of these Cheesy Baked Tarts without feeling too much after the 1st tart... Surprisingly this was beyond my expectations. It taste yummy! Gooey and tasty!

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart is a part of Secret Recipe group working closely with a Japan chef from Hokkaido kinda like a Franchise but this tart is only sold here in Malaysia and not in Japan since June 2016. And it's not something anyone can just learn and do it. It takes effort, skill and time to actually get the right ratio of the cheese baked in the tart. It can't be too watery neither should it be too hard. It has to be just nice and gooey enough like eating the mozzarella cheese on your pizza!

Chocolate Cheese Baked Tarts, another variety from "Hokkaido Cheese Baked Tarts" the chocolate is just nice, my mom said it tastes like Milo. It's not too rich chocolatey, it's quite mild and almost taste like chocolate milk for me. But it was good enough and my son loves it!

However, I love it best when chilled! It's like having a jelly tart!

When it's frozen, it's like ice cream!

What's best of all is that Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart is in the process of getting all of their outlets certified "Halal", Berjaya Times Square has received the first cert and the rest is on the way!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab these amazing flavours bursting in your mouth right now!

New flavour : Durian is RM6.60 each (Inc GST)
Original & Chocolate Flavour is RM5.80 each (Inc GST)

Promotion :
- Original & Chocolate - Buy 5 Free 1 at RM29.00. Inclusive GST
- Durian - Buy 5 Free 1 at RM33.00. Inclusive GST

There's 3 methods to indulge in this delicacy!

Do visit Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts outlet today!
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  1. This is a must try for during & cheese tart lovers. I tried it that day and love it too.

  2. Durian cheese tart sounds interesting but kinda high cholesterol I think... won't mind having an occasional one though

  3. I like the featured picture of the chilled Durian cheese Bake tart. Interesting to know it's can also be breast milk booster


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