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Saturday 12 March 2016

"Healthy Can Now Be Yummy"

Was honored to be invited to this special event at BMS Organics in Sunway Pyramid with my family. What makes this event super special is that "Healthy Can Now Be Yummy" with Chef Wan!

Through this event, we learnt of the increasing obesity and cardiovascular diseases in the country that is seriously shocking! Therefore a healthy, balanced diet is crucial to be implemented into every family's lifestyle in order to stay healthy and maintain a healthy happy lifestyle together.

I've met families who don't really bother much about what goes in their tummy as long as it goes in their tummy (edible food la...). However, I've also met families that advocate healthy eating with an organic "mindset" and going "green" in their diet for their whole family. There's definitely differences between these 2 group of lifestyle habits. My friend who is strictly organic and healthy eating never had much problems in health and even her kid is as healthy as a horse! Rarely will you see them fall ill during those nasty season and even if they do, it's only temporary! It was through my friend that I learnt alot of organic and eating healthy.

Left picture, arrow pointing at my "peekaboo" post... lolx...
At the start of the event, Ms.Cammie Tang, Nutrionist of BMS Organics explained the benefits of going organics and healthy eating for the whole family. "One should not give up their favourite dishes but only make it healthier without compromising the taste" enthused Ms. Cammie. She also shared the background of organics, facts and fallacies and what truly defines "organics" amidst many public misconceptions and lack of knowledge.

Celebrity Chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or fondly known as Chef Wan, with BMS Organics on a mission to help Malaysians eat healthy yummy food!

Chef Wan is really hilarious!! We usually watch him on TV over all the years of my childhood and to finally see him in person is really an honor!

"We Malaysians love our lip-smacking cuisines, especially curry and meat, but our passion for flavoursome food has become increasingly unhealthy. As a chef, I take it my calling to help Malaysians develop a healthy eating culture," said Chef Wan.

Meat Free Monday by BMS Organics
Come and join us Meat Free Monday Movement with BMS Organics.Do it for your health and the health of planet.Meat Free Monday by BMS Organics, Supported by Meatless Monday Global Action.
Posted by BMS Organics on Sunday, 18 October 2015

Did you know the BMS Organics encourages everyone to start observing "a day without meat in a week"? "At BMS Organics, we have a CSR campaign called "Meat Free Monday" where customers, staff and everyone to go vegetarian at least once a week on Monday!" said Ms. Cammie. Basically, "Less Meat equals Better Health".

We had a chance to enjoy the three wholesome organic meals by BMS Organics.

I ordered the "Nasi Lemak". This recipe made of wholesome brown rice seasoned with coconut oil and it has a tinge of "ginger/halia" flavour to the rice. With it's tasty and not-too-spicy rendang made with fresh spices like galangal, lemongrass, organic soy milk that substitute the high cholesterol coconut milk and the protein-rich organic beancurd skin (Tou Bao) as faux meat. It was definitely a new twist of flavour in your ordinary everyday Nasi Lemak. It was a GOOD healthy twist. I love it!

My mom ordered the "Organic Soya Milk Curry Laksa Noodles". This savoury curry paste that we've watched how Chef Wan made, it was really simple that anyone can cook this! As for me, I love it because it was not too spicy and just right. It was less spicy for my mom (she loves really spicy meals).

My husband ordered the "Asam Laksa Vermicelli Soup". The aroma of the asam laksa filled our surrounding (at our table), I like how they used Apple cider vinegar in it's ingredient to replace the dried tamarind (asam). My hubby also love spicy food so this was a little bland for him. It wasn't so spicy, the laksa was just nice for me!

My son had some of my Nasi Lemak rice, but it was too dry for him so I decided to get him the "Tomato Sauce Noodle" off the Kids Menu. Comes with potato salad, seaweed, a yummy 5-grain nutrition cereal bar, organic thick noodles in vegetarian tomato sauce. It was yummy! Served in a super cute lunch box!

My boy had his 5 minutes "limelight" with Celebrity Chef Wan & even gave him a kiss on the cheeks...

For more information on healthy eating with BMS Organics, please visit :


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  1. My favourite vegetarian restaurant. I love the soy milk curry laksa.

  2. I love their organic food and the organic nasi lemak set also.


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