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Friday 10 April 2015

AF Minced Meat Patty

Minced meat patty

Minced meat (chicken/pork/beef)
Small purple onions (5 of them)
Egg yolks
Optional : Black pepper, salt, basil

1. Dice them small purple onions & prepare the ingredients
2. Mix the minced meat with the diced onions. (Optional : Add black pepper, salt and dried basil for extra seasoning)
3. Once evenly mixed, create a patty shape of ur choice and use a spoon to make a hole in the center (make sure the base is still covered with meat to prevent the egg from sticking at the bottom) pour the egg yolk into the center
4. Air fry at 180° degree for 10min on an aluminium foil. No need to turn because we don't wanna ruin the egg

Serve hot/warm, you can add a slice of cheese once it's out of the AF. Notice that the inside of the egg is still half runny but rest assured the meat and egg are thoroughly cooked. 

~Bon appetit~

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