AF Bacon Wrapped Salmon - Sebrinah Yeo


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Friday 10 April 2015

AF Bacon Wrapped Salmon

Bacon wrapped Salmon fillet

Salmon fillet x 1

Streaky bacon x 6 to 8 slices (depending the length of the bacon vs the salmon fillet length n thickness)


1. Prepare the ingredients
2. Use the bacon to measure the fillet cuts
3. Wrap the salmon with bacon (1 layer will do and cut off the excess) then wrap on the other side (top to bottom covered & left to right covered)
4. Place them in the AF on a aluminium foil.
5. Once it is all in place, let it cook in AF at 180° degrees for 10min
6. At 5min, open the AF and turn those lovely pieces to the other side. 
7. Remove then from the AF.
8. Served hot/warm. Carefully take the foil out without spilling the juices and just pour over those cooked bacon wrapped salmon. Those juice and oil came from the bacon and salmon itself.


  1. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog from our fb group. This wrap looks delish! A definite try.

    1. Hihi ^^ Thx for dropping by hehe, yes this dish is a must-do! Highly recommend it! It's not so sinful too because of the goodness in salmon hehe


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