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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Sebrinah's Simple ABC Soup

Nothing gets more easier & nutritious than this recipe.

Homemade ABC Soup

Ingredients: (2-3 pax)
-Chicken ribs/breasts with the bones attached to the meat (cut into bite size)
-2 med tomato (cut into bite size)
-2 med Russet potato (cut into bite size)
-1 med purple onion (cut into bite size)
(Optional) Carrots, Fish sauce, salt, black pepper

Common ingredients to the original commercialized ABC soup is Chicken, tomato, potato, onion, carrot, salt & black pepper. But I always omit the seasonings as it is healthier and tasty that way. For me less seasoning is better. Also, carrot will help make your soup look tasty and taste sweet because of the color that will be extracted from the carrot and the sweetness from carrots.

Preparation: (About 30min-1hour and more)
Boil water till hot, add in all the ingredients together. The water level should be covering the ingredients just nice, if the ingredients looks like it's sunken to the bottom of the water then scoop out some of the water (means too much water=diluted soup). Just let this soup simmer on low heat and cover the pot. Once it boils, your whole kitchen will be filled with the soup aroma. 

Open to taste it, if it's not salty then u can add a lil bit of "Fish sauce" or salt.
If you need the "kick" feeling in the soup, you can add black pepper in to boil together.
Once the potato, tomato and onion is really soft, your soup is ready to be served.
If the water covers the ingredients evenly, you don't even need to add any fish sauce or salt to taste.

Serve it while it's hot. If cooking for your kids, u can add rice into the soup and serve. U can make the ingredients in the soup softer by boiling it longer (more than 2hrs) but watch out for the water level as it will reduce from time to time u just add in a lil bit so the soup don't try up. Double boiling will make the chicken softer too.



  1. My favourite soup! I can have this with rice alone for meals

    1. I know right! This is like the best comfort food ever, can drink it on its own and even have it with rice. I always get second servings of this hehe

  2. Wow... abc as simple as abc or ? Im gonna make a chicken soup now.. thanks for the recipe !

  3. ABC is the ebst2and easiest soup to cook! It's very healthy too.

  4. My favorite soup just because it's so easy to make.... Well actually it's the only soup I know how to make. Lol

  5. I also love to prepare such simple soup whenever I feel like eating clean - I just put all vegetables, white meat and no seasoning at all.

  6. My children loves to drink ABC soup too. My maid will make twice in a week for them.

  7. It looks healthy and nutritious. Seems like easy to prepare too... This gonna be my next recipe to be tried on this weekend

  8. Looks like a good soup. Will try the recipe soon.

  9. I love ABC soup but I am lazy to prepare it. Ah, if only this is sold in coffee shops or restaurants.

  10. Ohh this is delicious especially when served hot. A heaven-sent during rainy season.

  11. Because of this post.. now i'm defrosting my chicken to cook this... lolz


  12. my favorite soup... easy to prepare and yummy to eat..

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