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Tuesday 3 March 2015

The Benefits of Shopping Online with iPrice

Years (about 18yrs ago) have gone by and now online shopping has become commonly convenient. How it started for me, my first online purchase was via "Groupon" and I was hooked to it! All those discounts on food and products. Then it was "Zalora" shopping for clothes became less of a headache! Finally it was "Lazada" shopping for household products at the click of my fingertips.

Today, let me share a cool site that provides not only special discount codes but also offer updates on these few sites I've mentioned above. The "iPrice" site offers us savvy customers to option to find coupons, discounts and voucher codes in Malaysia. With the growing industry of online shopping destinations, no matter how good we are at multitasking, googling for a certain product and comparing them over numerous e-commerce shop in terms of price point, offers and etc can be much of a hassle. I know, because I can have up to 10 over tab-pages open at one single time just searching for 1 particular item/product/offer.

iPrice : Shop

With "iPrice", even my desktop will love me more and not lag or hang on me again. This website offers the latest and highest quality deals or promotion codes all over Malaysia. Some of their exclusive partners and brands, includes ZaloraLazada, Jacob Time, Expedia, FoxySalesGroupon and many more. What's best is they organize them by store and categories which makes it a breeze to browse through! Imagine how much time we'll be able to save, it's like a one-stop solution to online shopping.

If I wanted to compare prices/offers, I can check it out on "iPrice". If I am already ready to check-out on my purchases, let's say on "Zalora"; All I need to do is check if there were any voucher codes that I could use and best of all, it is FREE!

Upon entering the website, you will see the main page with a list of recently added coupons such as the following.
iPrice : Coupons

Before you click on "Get The Code" button, you will notice that these codes have an expiry period stated below the button. Don't miss it!
iPrice : Coupons
After clicking on the "Get The Code" button, a new page/tab will pop-up and you will see the coupon code in the green area for you to use. What's even more helpful is they will open that e-commerce website for you automatically on another tab. Talk about convenience!

Here's a screenshot of some of the stores featured on "iPrice".
iPrice : Brands

So what are you waiting for? Head on to "iPrice" today! If this can be my one stop shopping destination, it most definitely can be "Your One Stop Shopping Destination".
iPrice : Shop

Happy Shopping!!

You can find out more here :
iPrice Website
iPrice Facebook
iPrice Twitter
iPrice Google+

Disclaimer : Images of iPrice screenshots were captured directly from iPrice actual website. I do not own them.


  1. Your blog posts are always so informational :)

    I really like the cute blog template too !!!! Much love <3

  2. Interesting new site to shop for stuff... More and more Internet shopping sites available to check out... Thanks for sharing

  3. Shopping has never been easier! Haha. there goes my savings T.T

  4. Ahh I've heard of this but forgot to go check it out in a long time, Better go find some coupons now

  5. This is really helpful. I myself is a online shopping addict. I usually go on taobao because it is cheaper than local websites. Now, I'll try out iPrice to see if local shopping became cheaper. Thanks! :D

  6. Lolll I open many many tabs too! And I ALWAYS search online for a cheaper choice

  7. Now this is tempting! Let's see how iPrice works =D


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