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Saturday 12 April 2014

1st Food Aversion + Vomiting

Started feeling hungry at 5 something pm. We went to Main place for food at Oyster King. The Oyster egg was nice (I usually only eat the eggs haha) but the Lala Fried Rice was tasteless! I still ate 80% of it. But then at 6 something pm I went to toilet and VOMITTED for the 1st time since feeling nauseous!
I only vomitted the Lala Fried Rice out.................. My baby has good taste in food. I bet my baby have the same thoughts as me. If my baby could talk, I bet my baby will scold me yelling "How could you eat most of that! That rice was tasteless and oily! Omg!"
Wouldn't be surprise if my baby has my temper, which is a good thing hehe...

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