23-24 Diary - Sebrinah Yeo


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Thursday 24 April 2014

23-24 Diary

22rd April 2014
Lunch was okay. No food craving.
Just lo mai kai n siu mai.
But at 4pm I wanted roti canai and hubby went to get it for me. Yum!

24th April 2014
Ate lunch at Danielle's opposite our office lobby downstairs. I tapao mushroom soup with garlic bread, quiche chicken mushroom and chicken tartine.
I felt so hungry but I ended up eating only the quiche chicken mushroom, the garlic bread dip in mushroom soup and 1 small bite off the chicken tartine.
I vomited the entire mushroom soup. Yucks... No more mushroom soup or anything creamy and milky... crap...

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