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Sunday 8 April 2012

Randomly Unique

Some random post!

And by being random, I meant a random post of a particular ice-cream that actually hit the mark of being fresh, natural & real fruity flavours because it is blended with real fruits right infront of you!

I'm talking about Kindori's Ice Cream the Japanese, fruit based Ice Cream!

This is located at Sunway Pyramid at New Wing.

U can choose the flavours of your ice cream by deciding which fruit u would prefer to have blended into icy cold delicacy for ur taste buds!

A lil' leaflet explains much too... "Indulge without worries!"

The whole interpretion and message of this outlet actually lives up to its identity. They really bring u natural frozen fruits blended with frozen Yogurt (if I'm not mistaken 'bout the Yogurt) and served fresh on the spot via cone or cup. Even the juice is pure 100% real fruits!

Here's the outcome of my ever so tasty Jackfruit ice cream blended on the spot right infront of me... Yum! The price ranges from RM5.90 to RM7.90 (I think there's a difference between cone & cup) but it is worth every single cent! It's naturaly healthy for one... This was the Ice Cream offer of the day by the way... If I ain't mistaken, it's RM5.90? But worth it! Trust me, go try it to believe it...

If u wanna compare to Baskin Robbin, Nestle or Haagen Daaz, don't! Because this is much better! Unless their yogurt content has GMO ingredients that can cause harm to us in the long run... Sigh...
Nevertheless, all sweet things should be taken at an appropriate time, so no harm trying this once in awhile!

On the side note, I was at Sunway to buy The Sims 3 Showtime  "Collector's Edition"... I LOVE IT!!
Been playing it everytie I have time at any day of the year! Awesome! Can't wit to see what's the next expansion to The Sims 3 - Collector's Edition bit!

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